Recently, many landlords have shared their frustration with Cozy’s recent changes after being acquired. This has resulted in many landlords and real estate investors seeking a Cozy alternative to property management software.

Fortunately, there are many options available for landlords seeking an easier way to manage their residential and commercial properties—like RentRedi. 🙂

RentRedi's mobile app for landlords

Online & Mobile Rent Collection

  • Collect ACH, card, cash payments from your mobile phone 
  • Tenants can even set up auto-pay to make pay rent a breeze
  • See all your charges at a glance
  • Set up month-to-month rent charges

Market & List Units

  • Post your vacancies for free to and Doorsteps 
  • RentRedi also provides a free marketing page you can use to post your listing on popular sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craiglist
  • Tenants can prequalify directly to your listings

Screen & Find Qualified Tenants

  • Tenants can prequalify & apply to your unit right from the RentRedi tenant app
  • Easily accept or reject tenants with customizable response templates 
  • Get eviction, criminal, and credit reports from TransUnion
  • Tenant screening is only $35 and tenant-paid 

Sign Leases & Store Documents

  • Legally-binding electronically signed leases
  • Send electronic lease signature request to tenants
  • Tenants one-click sign & send verification photo
  • Landlords can verify & accept lease signatures

Manage (or Outsource) Maintenance

  • Manage maintenance requests from your dashboard
  • Add maintenance team for FREE
  • 5-second videos show you the issue exactly
  • Option to add-on 24/7 maintenance coordination to be hands-off with repairs

Motivate On-Time Rent Payments with Credit Reporting

  • Motivate & reward on-time rent payments
  • Attract credit-conscious tenants
  • Tenants can opt-in to report their rent payments when they pay via RentRedi
  • You get paid on time & tenants can improve credit score

Live Customer Support & Demos

  • Live, human customer chat support team
  • Specialists who are here to help
  • One-on-one support & video demos
  • Customers are our #1 priority

RentRedi: Cozy Alternative for Residential & Commercial Landlords

If you’re looking for a Cozy alternative, check out RentRedi! Commercial landlords can use all of RentRedi’s features as well—from collecting rent to managing maintenance!

At RentRedi, we are passionate about building a product that landlords love, which is why RentRedi’s customers love working with us and using our software.

Whether you own residential or commercial, single-family or multi-family, are a DIYer or hands-off, RentRedi lets you manage whatever you’re renting—and has the tech to let you customize your management experience!

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