4 Must-Haves for Online Property Management Software

If you’re feeling a little chaotic and disorganized as a result of the pandemic upheaval, moving to no-touch, online property management software can help you simplify your process, streamline your tech, strengthen your tenancy management, and collect and track online and offline payments.

Especially in a period of instability and rapid shift from “in-person” to “online”, it can be helpful to have a no-touch, online property management software foundation base for your rental business.

Online property management software can make your life easier but there are four factors you should consider before investing:

  1. Is it easy to figure out?
  2. Is affordable?
  3. Is it scalable?
  4. Does it have the features I need to do my job?

Must-Haves for Online Property Management Software Programs

Easy-to-Use Tech

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend too much time trying to learn new technology, especially when it’s already so ingrained into our everyday lives. That’s why not only is it important for the landlord-side to be easy to use but the tenant’s side as well.

Because, after all, if the tenant can’t figure it out – who are they going to call? Certainly not Ghostbusters.

Not only is RentRedi’s mobile app easy to use for every facet of the rental process, but our live customer support is available to tenants at no extra cost. We also do all of the education and onboarding for you. When you invite a tenant to RentRedi, they receive an email with set up instructions, we have a pre-drafted letter explaining RentRedi to tenants if you need it, demonstration videos, and a help center dedicated exclusively to tenants. 


Whether you’re managing one unit or 100 units, you need something that’s affordable for where you are right now and where you want to be. Most online property management systems require minimums and charge you for additional units. However, it’s vital for the tech you invest to scale alongside your business—whether you have a more long-term strategy or a hyper-growth rental portfolio. 


Of course, when you’re researching online property management software affordability is the driving factor in determining which one is the best for your business. A good online property management software that truly cares about the success of your business will stay affordable as you scale. Which is why RentRedi was rated as the best return on investment. 

RentRedi is a leader in Property Management on G2

How? Our platform is one flat fee with unlimited units and tenants. With RentRedi, the cost will always be the same whether you’re starting small or growing your business. Additionally, there’s never any charge for our customer support, who is there to help you get started and answer any questions.

Amazing Features

With all the technology at everyone’s disposal, it’s critical that any online property management software you invest in has all the features you need to support your business. For landlords and property managers, these are the essentials they need to manage their properties save themselves time and money.

Deciding on an Rental Property Software

A good online property management software can improve the way you manage your rentals with at-a-glance metrics and makes it easier to automate and scale your business. Importantly, it should have easy-to-use tech with amazing features that enable you to scale your business at an affordable price.

RentRedi’s online property management software is cloud-based (meaning that you don’t have to download the software, you can use it via the web or mobile app). We have modules for Calendar, Tasks, Prequalifications, Rent, Maintenance, Applications, Renters, Notifications, and Properties. Additionally, we also have free teammate and personnel accounts and live customer support with a human to support you and your team—the most essential components of your rental business. RentRedi’s affordability and ease-of-use not only streamlines managing your rental business from home but is also easy for tenants to use.