Benefits of RentRedi: How We Save Landlords Time and Money 

Wondering the benefits of RentRedi? We work around the clock to save you time and money. You’re busy. Managing a rental business is no joke: accounting, bills, maintenance repairs, turnover—it takes a lot to navigate the different facets of managing properties. That’s why RentRedi is dedicated to saving landlords time and money.

Peace of mind when you’re in the loop

RentRedi helps you manage your rentals from one place and keeps you updated along the way. Get email notifications for new prequalifications, new applications, new payments, and new maintenance requests. 

Real-time property health metrics at a glance

RentRedi keeps track of all the most important health metrics of your building: cash flows, upcoming lease vacancies, repair requests, pending applications, calendar events and meetings, and tasks.

Better tech, better control of your business

From tenants to teammates, you have control over everything. Keep tenants updated when you review and update maintenance requests. Send custom in-app notifications to tenants by unit or by property with other important updates, messages, or reminders. Free teammate accounts with the ability to indicate if team members can have view or edit access of properties.

Grow your business without increasing the cost of doing business

Unlimited tenants, units, teammates, and payment accounts. Receive mobile rent payments, screen tenants at no cost to you. One central hub to manage everything.

Benefits of RentRedi: Gif of RentRedi dashboard with a money and stopwatch icron

Benefits of RentRedi to save time and money

On average, RentRedi can save you 8 hours a week and roughly $141 in management fees per month per unit. And, we’re only $20/mo (or as little as $12/mo when you sign up for an annual plan) with no additional fees for units, tenants, or teammates.

Curious about our product or want to get a better understanding of how it works? Feel free to check our customer reviews on G2 as well. We were recently awarded the highest-rated rental payment software by customer satisfaction.