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garage for rent

5 Tips for Managing a Garage for Rent

If you have a garage for rent, you might be considering renting it out for a little extra income. However, you’ll need to manage it like any other rental property. Check out our post to learn more!

holiday vacation tips for landlord hero image: Woman using laptop on the beach

7 Holiday Vacation Tips for Landlords

Holiday & vacation tips for landlords to delegate tasks, set rent collection up on auto-pilot, and even outsource maintenance requests while you relax or travel!

how much can i rent my house for blog hero image: street with old fashioned 1950s style working class bungalows

How Much Can I Rent My House For?

”How much can I rent my house for?” is an important question for landlords. You should factor in the 1% rule, condition of the property, and market value to answer.

salon booth rental image of empty chairs in luxury hair salon

How to Manage a Salon Booth Rental

There are a lot of aspects of a salon booth rental business that you can manage with RentRedi: renting a chair, lease contracts, calendar management, and marketing.