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Credit Screening for Landlords

When it comes to securing the best tenant for your rental property, credit screening plays a huge part in determining which renters are best suited.

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Landlord Reference Letters: FAQs

It can be hard to find good renters to fill your vacancies. Of all the screening methods available—prequalifications, applications, and background checks—there’s another option potentially

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How to Run a Credit Check on a Tenant

Being a landlord, your main goal is to get rent on time. One of the ways to ensure you’ll get your rent paid on-time is to run a credit check on a tenant.

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How to Find Renters Online

Learn how to find renters online, as well as how to prescreen, send application invites & run background checks on any potential applicants to find good tenants.

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How to Run a Tenant Credit Check

As part of the screening process, most landlords will run a credit check to help confirm the applicant is financially stable and likely to pay their rent on time.