Understanding Cash for Keys

Whether it’s for issues or just wanting a tenant to move, cash for keys can be an easy and clean process to have a tenant leave a property.

Tenant Abandonment Guide for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you probably know the importance of being protected from bad tenants. To help you, here’s our tenant abandonment guide.

Accept or Block Partial Rent Payments

If you need prevent a partial payment for an eviction, RentRedi offers you the ability to block partial rent payments. You can also block all payments.

Cash for Keys: What Landlords Need to Know

The concept of cash for keys can be a less complicated alternative to the eviction process. It enables you to essentially buy your tenant out of their lease.

What Is The True Cost of Evicting a Tenant?

The true cost of evicting a tenant will be affected by how much missed rent, property damage, filing & court fees, and post-eviction vacancy time has been incurred.

🆓 Free Printable Eviction Notice Letter

Looking for a free printable eviction notice letter? Check out this example of an eviction notice to help you prepare for sending a formal letter of eviction.

An Eviction Letter Guide for Landlords

An eviction letter informs a tenant that they must vacate the rental property. As a landlord, you must supply your tenants with this letter before you file for eviction with the local court system.

How to Evict a Tenant: A Guide for Landlords

No landlord wants to evict a tenant, it’s stressful and costly. To help make eviction as easy as possible, check on these steps on how to properly evict a tenant.