Rental Inspections

Tenant-Friendly Moving Inspections

Check out our guide on tenant-friendly inspections and create a positive moving experience while properly protecting your interests!

Pre Move Out Inspection: Things to Know

Check out our guide on pre move out inspection: things to know so you can better protect your rights as a landlord and ensure that you are not cheated.

Tenant Move In Checklist | Download

You’ve finally secured a renter for your investment property—now it’s time for the tenant move in checklist! Get a free checklist pdf.

Building Maintenance Inspection Checklist

Make sure that your rental property or residential block is maintained frequently with the following building maintenance inspection checklist.

Sample Letter to Tenant for Damages

Properly notifying tenants of funds withheld for damages doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the steps below and check out our sample letter to tenants for damages.

Rental Security Checklist

Security for rentals and tenants is critical when owning investment properties. Here’s a rental security checklist landlords can use to keep their property safe.

Final House Flipping Checklist for Investors

A house flipping checklist should include sections for kitchen, walls & floors, bathrooms, laundry & storage, electrical & HVAC, and the exterior of the house.