Writing Lease Agreements That Work

Discover key strategies for crafting effective multi-tenant lease agreements that work, ensuring a smooth tenant-landlord relationship.

What to Know About Ground Leases

A ground lease is a very niche topic in the world of residential rental properties. While not commonly found, they still have use today.

Your Guide to Triple Net Leases

Triple net leases are a type of lease that is unlikely to be found in residential leases. They find the most use in commercial leases, where they can be very advantageous for all parties involved. 

How to Send and Sign Leases with RentRedi

With technology quickly becoming adopted in the property management world, it’s now easier than ever to send and sign leases once you’ve found your perfect tenant.

How to Renew a Lease with a Tenant

It is relatively easy to initiate the process if you and your renter have decided it’s in both parties best interest to renew a lease. Check out our post to read more!

When To Require A Lease Guarantor

A lease guarantor reduces the risk of loss for a landlord in case a tenant fails to pay the rent or breaks a lease. Read more about when to require a lease guarantor. lease guarantor

How to Write a Lease Addendum

A lease addendum is a legally binding document that modifies the original lease agreement and/or provides additional information related to specific rental policies.