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renew a lease with a tenant

How to Renew a Lease with a Tenant

It is relatively easy to initiate the process if you and your renter have decided it’s in both parties best interest to renew a lease. Check out our post to read more!

lease guarantor hero image: real estate agent handing lease agreement to new tenant

When To Require A Lease Guarantor

A lease guarantor reduces the risk of loss for a landlord in case a tenant fails to pay the rent or breaks a lease. Read more about when to require a lease guarantor. lease guarantor

business woman with documents and laptop for lease addendum hero image

How to Write a Lease Addendum

A lease addendum is a legally binding document that modifies the original lease agreement and/or provides additional information related to specific rental policies.

notice to vacate image of a person's hands typing on a laptop

Writing a Notice to Vacate | Template

If you’re a landlord or tenant wishing to end a lease, it’s important to know what a notice to vacate. Plus, we provide a template that makes it easy to write your own notice.