How to Send and Sign Leases with RentRedi

Leases are a cornerstone of managing rentals and renters. But, it can be difficult to get signatures from tenants. You have to try to schedule times to meet to manually sign documents. Sometimes, this can result in phone tag. However, with technology quickly becoming adopted in the property management world, it’s now easier than ever to send and sign leases once you’ve found your perfect tenant.

RentRedi’s property management software offers various features—from online rent collection to tenant screening. Among those features are lease signing tools that landlords can use to collect signatures from tenants on their RentRedi mobile companion app.

How Does Lease Signing Work with RentRedi?

  1. Upload & send lease documents directly from the RentRedi app
  2. From the tenant’s side, they will have a one-click button to agree to the lease
  3. The tenant takes a picture with their government ID
  4. After a tenant electronically signs the document with their photo ID verification, you’ll be notified to verify the tenant and also sign the lease.
  5. All lease signings create legally-binding, digital signatures

How to Send Leases with RentRedi

  1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the “Renters” tab
  2. Select the renter you want to sign the lease
  3. Select “Documents”
  4. Select “Upload File”
  5. Under “E-Signed Document”, click “Select”
  6. Upload the pdf/digital lease
  7. Select the renters (you can send to multiple tenants to sign) you would like to send the lease to
  8. Select “Continue”


Fortunately, with apps like RentRedi, you can have a top-rated, affordable, and scalable property management app with cool features like lease signing. Additionally, you can get other great tools as well, such as rent collection, tenant screening, listings, managing maintenance, and more!

If you’re interested in signing up for RentRedi, just click the button below! We’ll take you through the set up process so you can start managing your properties!

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