4 Benefits of Signing Your Electronic Leases Online 

Ah, technology—where would we be without it? Signing leases with ink and quill, probably! Fortunately, today’s tech continues to revolutionize our lives. This means landlords and tenants are fortunate enough to be able to sign their electronic leases online.

However, as with any digitized process, signing leases electronically does bring about its own host of worries—for both landlords and tenants.

Landlords, for example, might worry about whether or not they could fall victim to rental scams from tenants. Tenants, for example, might worry about whether or not their lease is legally binding if signed electronically.

Finding a reputable electronic lease signing site online can be difficult. Fortunately, RentRedi has built our own internal electronic lease signing tech. Now, landlords don’t have to worry about finding an external site 🙂 

Benefits of Signing Your Electronic Leases Online

It can be a little nerve-wracking when you’re considering signing your electronic leases online for the first time. However, there are plenty of benefits of making the switch from a paper to digital lease signing process.

Saves Time and Money

Look, time is money. If you’re an independent landlord self-managing your rentals, consider your “hourly” rate and how much it costs when you have to email/call/text a tenant back and forth a bunch of times to schedule a lease signing. 

However, if you’re using an online method of lease signing, you don’t have to worry about playing “phone tag”. Simply send the document to the tenant via your phone or computer and they can sign & send it right back to you directly from their phone. This means no one even has to leave their couches to get a lease signed!

Saves Storage Space & Keeps Things Organized

Paper leases will inevitably take up more space in your home or office (or home office). And, as physical clutter, it’s also harder to keep things organized and neat so that you know where everything is—without it being in the way.

However, electronic leases can be stored online and easily accessible. RentRedi, for example, provides unlimited storage and organizes leases by property so that you can easily access the lease from anywhere you have access to your phone or laptop.

Makes It Easier to Share with Tenant

Again, negotiating schedules can be a hassle. Landlords often have full-time jobs and/or real estate side-hustles along with their rental business. Tenants, too, have their own social lives, jobs and side hustles, and errands to schedule around. All these factors can make it difficult to find an empty half-hour in which you can sync up to sign leases.

Electronic leases make it easier for you to secure the tenant (and the tenant to secure their next home) without having to extend a commute, skip a dinner date, or leave work early to get paperwork signed.

Easy to Send a One-Click Sign Lease / Lease Addendum

For RentRedi’s lease signing technology, we make it easy to send a document that can be signed with one click from the tenant. This process is also perfect for lease addendums that need to be sent and signed by the tenant separately or as a later provision to an initial lease signing.

Image of RentRedi's Electronic Leases Signing Process

How Signing Your Electronic Leases Online Works

If you’re using RentRedi to electronically sign your leases, it’s 5 simple steps!

  1. Upload & send lease documents directly from the RentRedi app
  2. Tenants have a one-click option to sign lease terms & conditions
  3. All lease signings create a legally binding e-signature with a government ID photo
  4. Get notified when the lease has been signed & verify
  5. Store all your documents with our free & unlimited in-app storage