Spring Cleaning Inspection Checklist for Rentals

When it comes to spring cleaning, even rental properties can benefit from a little polish and shine! In fact, you can build some spring cleaning items right into your rental inspection checklist to ensure you’re not missing out on opportunities to give your property a little once over.

If you’re gearing up for spring, sunshine, and spring cleaning, here are some key features you can add to your checklist to brighten up the place!


Does it need to be cleaned or replaced from wear and tear? 

Carpets soak up dirt and grime like a sponge. So check out that sponge to see if it needs a spring cleaning to keep it in good condition.

Communal Handles

This can also include railings and other high-contact surfaces. 

This is important to clean regularly, not only for sanitary purposes but because the oil from human hands builds up over time and can cause discoloration.

Air Vents 

Air vents accumulate a lot of dust & dirt! 

But because they hide up on the ceiling and out of our reach, it can be easy to overlook them when you’re running through your spring cleaning inspection checklist. Give them a wipe down once in a while to keep the air in your rentals or building fresh.

Hardwood Floors

Are they scratched? Do they need to be polished? 

Even though hardwood floors look pretty, even they need a little makeover now and then. Inspect any hardwood floors (or any flooring really) and see if it needs to be replaced or polished.


Baseboards can be often overlooked when it comes to cleaning—for landlords and tenants.  

Take the ol’ Swiffer duster and give them a once over to immediately improve the look of a room.


Take a look at the walls in bright lighting to screen for dirt, dust, and other miscellaneous stains (for me, there are always inexplicable coffee stains on the wall).

If the walls are super dingey, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to put your best foot forward for spring.


Okay, now I know this doesn’t sound like the most FUN cleaning item on your list. 

BUT, if you have communal garbage cans, it’s good to give them a scrubbing once in a while to prevent grimy garbage gunk from building up.


With the sunshine shining, give those windows a good washing! 

Snow and ice can leave residue behind from the winter months, so cleaning windows is a nice way to draw in the sun and ring in the spring with a sparkling start!


Idk about you, but hallways seem to accumulate clutter more than anything. Take a quick gander and jaunt through any communal hallways and make sure tenants are keeping their stuff in their units 

Siding & Roofing 

One important area to investigate for your spring cleaning inspection checklist is the siding & roofing of your rental property. 

Wind, ice, and snowstorms can cause damage during the winter months. It’s critical to catch these issues early on, especially if your area gets a lot of rain during the spring season. This could lead to larger problems, like ceiling damage and mold.


Our poor yards take a beating during the winter months. 

Are there rocks that need to be raked out of the yard? Busted up bushes that need to be babied? Toolsheds that need to be touched up with paint? Spend some time cleaning and landscaping your property’s yard to ensure its curb appeal is…appealing!

Spring Cleaning Inspection Checklist 

With April showers bring May flowers and to make your flowers bloom..you must clean them?

We’re not sure how that metaphor works here, but what we are sure of is your spring cleaning inspection checklist should include some ideas above to keep your units in tiptop shape.

Consider adding them to your standardized landlord inspection checklist as well, to ensure your rentals are well-maintained, properly polished, and rent ready!