Rental Inspection Checklist | PRINTABLE

In our series dedicated to rental inspection checklists, we’ve written before about how to do early move-out inspections and also what to look out for in your 6-month landlord inspections of rental properties. 

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In today’s article, we’ve put together a printable inspection checklist landlords can use to conduct their 6-month, monthly, or quarterly inspections. This rental inspection checklist can also be done when moving in or signing the lease!

When conducting an inspection, you’ll want to adapt the checklist to include all of the bedrooms and bathrooms (our rental property inspection list includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, exterior hallway, kitchen, living room, and 1 closet).

You’ll also want to add any closet or hallway spaces outside or inside the unit the tenant is responsible for keeping in good condition. Remember, pests love to hide in these types of spaces so it’s important to ensure you’re checking them for signs of infestations.

Rental Inspection Checklist | PRINTABLE

You can download our example rental inspection checklist here.

Example of a rental inspection checklist from RentRedi

You can download our example rental inspection checklist here.

Keep in mind that different states and municipals will have different policies regarding rental or apartment inspections, so be sure to research (and add) any necessary inspection must-haves to this list. You can also adapt this list into a move out checklist as well.

Storing and Sharing Checklists with Tenants

One last point we wanted to touch on: it’s a good idea to store and share any rental property inspection checklists with tenants (or even your teammates).

With RentRedi, you can upload and store documents directly from your dashboard. As a bonus, after you upload the document, you can easily share directly to your tenant’s RentRedi mobile app. This way, you both have easy access and storage of electronic copies of the rental inspection.

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