Unleashing the Power of Your Morning Routine as a Landlord

A typical day in the life of a landlord is more than just checking up on the properties and collecting rent. 

One day, you’re dealing with complaining neighbors; the next, you’re running around at midnight to fix a burst pipe. It’s no easy feat, meaning landlords must take care of their physical and mental health.

So, we’re here to explain how to create a morning routine that keeps you healthy and turns you into successful landlords who are always on top of their game.

Getting Things Done In The Morning

Be More Productive

Getting things done during the first half of the day helps you tackle your schedule better. Additionally, kicking off your day by completing a few easy to-do’s can help jumpstart your day into being productive with the domino effect. Once you start tackling one task, it’s easy to keep going on your productive journey.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Arrange tasks into categories such as “Important, urgent,” “Important, not urgent,”

“Not important, urgent,” and “Not important, not urgent.” For example, in RentRedi’s property management software, you can create tasks and set priorities so that you know which tasks need to be completed first.

Keep Distractions Away

Landlords are constantly distracted by different issues, so staying focused on priorities is critical. Using RentRedi is a great way to stay focused as you can input, track, and centralize all your information and properties into one app. This way, you can manage your business with one software.

Set Time Away

There’s a time and place for everything, so categorize tasks based on the time of the day to get them done more efficiently. To work more efficiently on multiple tasks throughout the day and manage your client expectations along with managing multiple properties, using RentRedi’s task management feature to keep track of all your tasks in one place is your best bet. 

Not only will the data provide extensive insights into your management, and important tasks, but it can also help you save multiple hours throughout the day and act as your virtual assistant. 

Delegate your Tasks

The best way to get more things at once is to delegate tasks to your team. By offering them insights into the process management, you will be able to focus on tasks that require your presence more, rather than focusing on the less important tasks.

Remember, the art of delegation is an important aspect of success as a busy landlord. Moreover, this will help improve your and your team’s soft skills. If you’re looking for a course that will help you and your team achieve more by learning the most important soft skills, you should check out this training platform, for example.

Daily Tasks Of A Landlord

With multiple tasks that come your way on a daily basis, a consistent morning routine helps you as a landlord to manage your expectations for the day and make important decisions with a clear mind. Moreover, As an individual, preparing for the day lets you maintain a healthy work-life balance. This is important for better decision-making in the long run.

Being a landlord demands your precision while handling internal and external stakeholders. Keeping your emotions in check is an important characteristic of it. By making a smart morning routine that is easy to follow, you will set yourself up for success. Having a clear morning routine will keep your stress levels low and your mood happier. 

Here is what a typical day of being a landlord looks like:

Finding and Screening Tenants

A big part of being a landlord involves finding and screening the right tenants for your properties. This may involve advertising a vacant space and screening the tenant applications that come your way.

To do so, you can advertise your properties on social media and do a thorough background check on the applicants regarding their criminal history, credit score, income proof, and their references.

Collecting Rent

Rent collection is a monthly task for the landlord. However, dealing with tenants who default in payments or pay their rent late is an ongoing process. 

To deal better with these situations, instead of setting up a cash or cheque system, you can encourage your tenants to pay their rent online.

This is especially helpful when you have multiple properties and need a monthly list of who has paid the rent and who hasn’t yet.

Regular Maintenance Check-Ups

Just like rent collection, regular maintenance of your properties is also a monthly task. To avoid spending more later, it is important to do monthly check ups to see if everything is running smoothly and repair any damages on time.

This will also encourage your tenants to pay their dues on time and care better for the place they live in.

Checking In with Tenants

This is an important component of building a strong relationship between landlord and tenant. Make sure that your tenants have access to someone on your team to share their grievances, if any. 

During your monthly tour, spend some time with the tenants and greet them. Appreciating them for well maintenance of the building is more likely to encourage them to do better and stay with you longer.

While different tasks take precedence over other responsibilities every day, with an organized and calm mind, you can work on all your landlord responsibilities. And, this begins with a powerful morning routine.

Summing Up

With your morning routine set up, you’re prepared to take on the day as an entrepreneurial landlord. 

However, you must remember that what you do during your bedtime also affects your mornings. So, setting up a night routine and getting quality sleep is essential to influence your productivity and work positively. 

Keep your nights calm and peaceful with minimal activity to wake up refreshed the next day.