Earn Money with the RentRedi Referral Program! 

Want to make money for recommending a rental property management software product you love? The RentRedi referral program makes it easy!

Landlords can earn $50 for each landlord referral who subscribes to RentRedi & is approved. Through our RentRedi referral program, you can not only save time & money by using the product, but you can actually make money as well! 🙂

How the RentRedi Referral Program Works

RentRedi referrals work when you share your unique referral link (or code) with someone who you think would benefit from using RentRedi. If they sign up using your referral link or code, you’ll earn $50 for each subscription!

As a bonus, your referral can get $50 off the annual plan!

You make $50, and your friend only pays $94!

To make referring friends & earning money easy as pie, RentRedi offers you a variety of ways to share your referral link & code.

  1. Log in to your landlord account
  2. Click the Gear Icon
  3. Click “Refer & Earn”

From there, you can copy & paste in your friend’s email to send them an email, copy your referral link to text, put on your website, share on social, etc., or share directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

How to Earn Money from RentRedi’s Referral Program

To ensure your referral is counted, your friend should sign up using your unique link or input the code when they go to check out. After sign up, their account must be approved & verified before the referral payout occurs.

As noted above, your friend can get $50 off the annual plan!!

Regardless of what plan your friend chooses, you will earn $50 when their account is approved. So, if you don’t see your referral payout applied to your account, give your friend a little nudge on finishing their RentRedi sign-up & approval process. 😉

Why You Should Refer RentRedi to Your Friends

Well, because you love it, of course!

All jokes aside, if your friend needs a little extra convincing on why RentRedi is worth every penny, just remind them that we make it easy to:

  1. Collect rent online (and their tenants can pay with cash, card, or ACH)
  2. Manage maintenance (tenants submit mobile requests, you can outsource, send directly to your team, or handle yourself)
  3. Find & screen tenants (professional marketing page, Realtor.com & Zillow syndication, TransUnion-certified background checks)
  4. Prequalify & apply (easily sort through prescreenings & applications on your landlord dashboard, one-click accept or deny with customizable email templates)
  5. Manage your team & workflow (free teammate accounts, sync Google Calendar, create tasks & prioritize work)
  6. Report on-time rent payments. When tenants submit rent payments via RentRedi, they can sign up for rent reporting and build their credit score. They improve their credit, and you get paid on time. Win-win!

And if they STILL don’t understand how life-changing RentRedi is for managing your rental properties, they can read all these RentRedi reviews on G2!