10 Gift Ideas for Tenants for the Holidays

Looking for gift ideas for tenants? Come no further!

When it comes to holidays, people are usually full of festive cheer—when they’re not freezing their fingers off!

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Nevertheless, whether you celebrate or commiserate during the holiday season, you might feel compelled to give your renter a small token of your gratitude for being a good tenant.

Below, we’ve compiled a short list of options for gift ideas for tenants you can consider for the holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Tenants

For gift ideas for tenants, you don’t need to get them a huge gift that will knock their socks off. Generally, a small gift of $20-$50 is acceptable, although that will in large part depend on how many tenants you have!

Below are some easy & gift ideas you can check out!

  1. % off their December or January rent
  2. Starbucks/coffee gift card
  3. Amazon gift card
  4. Gas gift card
  5. Cash
  6. Laundry quarters
  7. Holiday gift basket
  8. Local restaurant giftcard
  9. Lyft gift card
  10. Local grocery store gift card

And Voila!

A mini-gift guide of gift ideas you can get your renters for holidays.

Of course, if you don’t want to get your tenants a gift for the season, that is totally fine. Some landlords are for the idea, some are against it.

However, if you have other ideas, drop them in the comments below!