Beyond Bedrooms: How to Create a Rental Home Families Will Love

Around 25% of the American rental home market is made up of families. While this is only a small slice of the pie, families are often seen as the golden ticket for landlords looking for long-term, reliable tenants. With their roots firmly planted in the community and a penchant for stability, families can be a landlord’s dream come true.

Attracting families as tenants is all about creating a rental home that feels like home sweet home. This means investing in three-bedroomed terraced houses that offer ample room for growing families to spread out and thrive. But it’s not just about the size of the property; it’s about the little touches that make a big difference.

Important points to consider for family-focused rentals

Think durable, easy-to-clean flooring for those inevitable spills and stains. Consider installing child-proof locks on cabinets and gates for added peace of mind. And don’t forget about outdoor space – a garden with safety from the elements or a communal area where kids can play safely under the watchful eye of their parents.

Try to do this in a way that increases the aesthetics of the space. For example, you could include a sandpit to show that this is a place for kids to play. Add a stylish cedar gazebo to encourage parents to spend time outdoors with them and help families picture their lives in your chic, family-friendly rental.

The biggest draw for families is stability

Unlike younger renters who may flit from place to place as their circumstances change, families are in it for the long haul. They’re not just looking for a place to crash; they’re looking for a place to call home. And that means fewer void periods for landlords and less hassle all around. 

The layout of a property can make all the difference and go a long way towards maximizing your property’s rental appeal. The importance of a design that caters to the chaos of family life while providing ample space for everyone to thrive cannot be understated.

If possible, create two reception rooms or a spacious double reception room coupled with a separate kitchen. This setup allows for a designated family room where kids can sprawl out in front of the TV and a dining area big enough for family meals or homework sessions, all seamlessly connected to a functional kitchen. If the kitchen is crammed into a second reception room, this leaves little room for the hustle and bustle of family life. 

The placement of bathrooms can significantly impact a property’s appeal to families. An upstairs family bathroom is a sought-after feature, providing easy access for children to the loo during nighttime trips. Additionally, having a downstairs loo or shower room is a convenience that families greatly appreciate, especially during the potty-training years. 

Family-friendly appliances: A must-have for rentals

The devil is in the details when creating a rental property that families will love – including the appliances. As a landlord who prioritizes the comfort and convenience of your tenants, you need to understand the importance of including family-friendly appliances that streamline daily life and enhance the overall living experience.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite kitchen companion: the dishwasher. Families increasingly expect the convenience of a dishwasher or, at the very least, plumbing that allows for easy installation. Despite any additional expense, installing a dishwasher will vastly improve your tenant’s quality of life and make the property more appealing. 

Next up on the list of must-have appliances is a tall, family-sized fridge-freezer. With growing appetites and weekly grocery hauls to accommodate, families need ample storage space to keep their food fresh and organized. Unlike washing machines and dishwashers, which can be prone to breakdowns and costly repairs, fridges are generally reliable and require minimal maintenance. Investing in family-sized fridge-freezers will meet the needs of tenants while minimizing the likelihood of future issues.

The importance of ample storage for families

Family life and clutter go hand-in-hand. The never-ending stream of toys, clothes, and miscellaneous items seems to multiply with each passing day. That’s why good storage isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for rental properties.

From strollers and high chairs to bikes and scooters, families come equipped with a whole arsenal of gear that requires a designated place to call home. That’s why houses with ample storage space are an absolute godsend for busy parents. Whether it’s a bike shed, cellar, or a neatly boarded loft, having extra storage options can make all the difference in the world.

Take Victorian houses, for example. With their characteristic cellars, these properties offer built-in storage solutions that are perfect for stashing away bulky items like strollers or seasonal decorations. But even if a property lacks a basement, there are still plenty of ways to maximize storage potential. A spacious garden might be the perfect spot for a small shed, providing a secure place to store bikes and outdoor equipment.

Ready to find the perfect family for your home?

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