How to Make Your Rental Puppy Friendly on a Budget

Around 66% of households in the U.S. own a pet, that’s about 86.9 million. People love pets, clearly, and you are missing a massive chunk of your potential target audience as a landlord if your property isn’t pet-suitable. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve this. With a few savvy adjustments, you can keep your property and tenants’ tails wagging with delight. 

Preparing a home for a new puppy arrival

There is a bunch of stuff your tenants will need to do to prepare for a new puppy, and you can help them along by having your home puppy-ready. The goal is to ensure their safety first and foremost. Puppy-proofing means tucking away those tempting loose wires and cords and double-checking that all doors and windows are snugly secured.

Adding a budget-friendly dog door

When landlords think about pets, they often consider how to ensure their backyard features are attractive to potential tenants. For pets, let’s not look past how they access the great outdoors. Dogs, bless their furry hearts, aren’t always the most patient when nature calls or when they spot a squirrel they just have to chase. So, instead of fretting over scratched-up doors or busted fly screens, nip that issue in the bud with a dog door.

Installing a dog door is like rolling out the red carpet for your tenants’ furry companions. It’s a simple yet genius solution that saves your doors from becoming scratching posts and grants pets the freedom to come and go as they please, minimizing accidents and reducing the likelihood of indoor mischief.

By making these small adjustments, you’re investing in the longevity of your pet-friendly rental. It’s a win-win scenario: happy tenants, happy pets, and a property that stays in tip-top shape for longer. 

Savvy solutions to create a pet-friendly rental 

  • Flooring: Say farewell to carpets and hello to tiles or floorboards. This swap bids farewell to pesky allergens and stubborn odors and also makes cleaning up those occasional accidents a breeze.
  • Tiling: Raising tiles a few inches up the walls in common areas will deter furry friends from leaving their mark—literally. No more worrying about pet-induced scuff marks or mysterious stains sullying your walls.
  • The backyard: Swap out a section of that lush lawn for gravel. It adds a stylish look to your outdoor space and beckons dogs with open paws while safeguarding those precious grassy areas from becoming casualty zones during spirited playtime.
  • A garage dog flap: This is a clever compromise that keeps both Fido and your property secure. This way, your tenant can keep their canine companion cozy in the carport without granting access to the entire house
  • Door protection: Protect those pristine doors from enthusiastic scratches with acrylic strips. It’s a simple yet effective solution that keeps your woodwork looking new, even in the face of the most excited pets.

Adjustments to your garden

It can be a good idea to bid farewell to any potentially poisonous plants lurking around your property. Not only do they pose a threat to pets, but they could also spell trouble in the form of legal woes. Keep your rental safe and sound by giving those hazardous plants the old heave-ho. 

Be sure to conduct regular inspections 

Safeguarding your investment and ensuring your pet-friendly rental remains in tip-top shape requires a proactive approach. Keeping a watchful eye on any potential wear and tear before it snowballs into something more serious is key.

Before new tenants with furry companions move in, it’s imperative to conduct thorough inspections and have a crystal-clear, up-to-date condition report in hand. This protects your interests and sets the stage for a transparent and fair tenancy agreement.

Once the lease is up, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to address any damage beyond normal wear and tear and handle cleaning and fumigation if necessary. But don’t just sit back and cross your fingers—stay proactive! Take photos documenting the condition of doors, floors, screens, and blinds before your pet-loving tenants move in. These visual records serve as invaluable evidence should any disputes arise regarding damages down the line.

You can also screen pets. Don’t hesitate to schedule a meet-and-greet with potential furry tenants. It’s not about being nosy; it’s about ensuring that the pets are a good fit for your property and that their owners are responsible caregivers.

Finding the perfect tenants (and their pets)

RentRedi’s partnership with TransUnion offers landlords like you access to full credit, criminal, and eviction history reports. This makes it easier to find high-quality tenants who’ll take care of your investment and stay around for longer. 

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