Social media platforms can be used to market different things—including your rental! Facebook’s Marketplace and housing groups have increased in usage for posting available rental listings—especially landlords with properties in larger cities. It’s still important to post your rentals to sites like, Doorsteps, and RentRedi, especially partnered through RentRedi, because our prequalification process ensures that you see prequalified applicants for your rental.

However, with a reported 243.6 million people using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, sometimes it’s useful to crosspost listings to garner more attention to your properties, especially as the total average cost of a vacancy can run up to $1750.

So, if seamlessly transitioning your rental from one tenant to the next is on your radar, posting to sites like, Doorsteps, and RentRedi and then using your social media accounts to crosspost can promote and drive traffic to the listings!

How do I create a good rental description?

Importantly, a good rental description is key. Crossposting and promoting your listings on social media won’t help you much if the listing itself isn’t created well. To properly showcase your property, play to its strengths – but don’t be dishonest. Ask yourself how would you describe this property to a friend who was interested in it? The ultimate goal should be to engage social media users to comment and like the posting. Algorithms like Facebook use interaction (how a user interacts with the post, like commenting on it or liking it) to boost it in news feeds. So, ultimately, you want to create a post that is pleasing to look at it and interesting enough for users to interact with. The following five steps are to help you craft a rental listing that will promote interaction and engagement of the post!

  1. Make sure your pictures showcase the apartment in the best light—literally and figuratively. You want to make sure that not only does the apartment look nice in the photos but also that you take the pictures when it’s a sunny day outside. This helps the apartment look full of light and bright, something that’s very desirable to most tenants.
  2. Location, location, location. The number one thing renters consider when looking for a new apartment (after rent, that is) is the location. How close it is to their job? What is the commute like? And how close it is to…everything? (Or, conversely, how far away is it from the hubbub and noise of the city?) Think of location as an amenity. If the rental property is close to any forms of public transportation, laundry services, grocery stores, parks, restaurants, shops, those are eye-catching descriptors too.
  3. Flaunt what ya got. Speaking of amenities…If you have that little something extra in terms of marketable amenities, make sure you state that in the description. Things like any included bills, doorman, security, laundry, parking, pet allowances, elevators, rooftop views, yard space, free coffee in the lobby…anything that can be construed as an amenity, use it to gain that competitive edge.
  4. Describe the SSS. Describing the apartment using the right vocabulary is another way to draw people in. If you look through rental listings on Facebook, you’ll notice that most of them tend to include these three categories of description: the Size, Style, and Sunniness of the rental—just make sure you’re not overexaggerating. For example, don’t describe a rental that’s cramped and dark as “spacious and sunny”. Instead, you might describe it as “cozy and quiet” or “cozy and bright” if you have lighting to counteract a low-light apartment. Be descriptive, but within reason. Style can be used to capture anything from “modern” to “renovated” to “brick walls” and “high ceilings”. 
  5. Be legit. The golden rule of the internet is that you’re a scam until proven otherwise. ‘Buyers beware’ is the adage of any online or social media marketplace, so if savvy social media users can’t distinguish you from the bots and scammers that trawl online listings, you won’t get any hits. Make sure your business profiles are legit and have valid contact info. Even in responses, always be polite, professional, and respectful even if the other person is not (as that can be the case in social media communications).

In general, make sure you are representing yourself professionally, using high-quality photographs and showcasing the rental’s amenities. When joining housing groups on Facebook or posting to Marketplace, take the time to research and read through other rental listings on there too.

If you take a few days to peruse the myriad of rental listings on any Facebook’s Marketplace or housing groups, you’ll see that almost anythingincluding local establishments, storage, and brick walls can be listed as an “amenity” of sorts. Or, at the very least, something that makes the rental more attractive to potential tenants.  While many social media platforms can be used for marketing many things—and listing your rentals on sites like, Doorsteps, and RentRedi is important for getting quality tenants—promoting those listings on sites like Facebook’s Marketplace and housing groups can be an additional way of increasing the visibility of your rental.