Why We’re Building Technology for Landlords and Tenants

Why are approximately 20 million landlords using traditional methods of managing their properties, like pen and paper and spreadsheets? Because there simply aren’t better tools to use. Sure, there is some technology for landlords and tenants out there but these applications each come with their own cons:

  • There’s no mobile app
  • You have to pay more for units or tenants
  • It doesn’t have just one place for…everything

That’s why we started building technology for landlords and tenants

The idea for the company originated from RentRedi CEO and CTO Ryan Barone. When he was a college student apartment hunting in the competitive rental market of New York City, he found there were a lot of struggles to secure an apartment.

“I realized if I could just have an app that let me store all the documents I needed to secure an apartment,” said Barone, “renting would be a whole lot easier for me and my potential landlord.”

From this experience, the idea for RentRedi began to percolate.

How a tenant application grew to a full-fledge software for renters and landlords

Barone began developing a mobile app that would enable renters to store and send documents easily to landlords. Initially, Barone says, he started with just a tenant mobile application. As he met with more landlords, the difficulties of the renting process became more obvious.

But, he wasn’t deterred. 

It was clear from talking to landlords that many of the hurdles they encountered while managing their rentals could be streamlined with the use of technology for landlords:

  • Physically picking up checks and attempting to organize multiple payment methods every month
  • Wasting time showing units to unqualified applicants
  • Not having a strong tenant screening process
  • Picking tenants that lead to applicants
  • Juggling emails, calls, texts from tenants
  • Trying to organize and prioritize maintenance requests

As more landlords and tenants began to use the app and share their stories, RentRedi continued to grow as a technology for landlords that was being directly influenced by what real landlords and tenants needed for renting:

“Honestly, the tenant application was the only thing I started with. Everything else (mobile rent payments, listing units, prequalifying and screening tenants, maintenance requests) came from a direct conversation with a landlord. Landlords were telling me, ‘If you built this, it would make my life one thousand times easier.’ So, we built it.”

What started as a mobile application app for tenants has developed into a sleek, comprehensive dashboard built for landlords by landlords. 

Now, RentRedi is an all-inclusive landlord-tenant app that helps landlords go mobile and manage rentals from wherever, whenever.

  • Mobile-submitted rent payments
  • Listings on Zillow, Realtor.com, and RentRedi
  • Screen applicants (full credit, criminal, and eviction reports)
  • Video maintenance requests submitted via mobile app
  • Partial payments or block payments
  • Unlimited units, tenants, and payment accounts

If you want to learn more about RentRedi’s platform and our technology for landlords, feel free to sign up to explore RentRedi. You can also check out our reviews on G2 and find out why we’re one of the highest-rated rental payment software!