Tenant Management – Definition, How Can Software and Apps Help, Costs and Which is Best?

Tenant management – When it comes to being a landlord, this is a top priority. Getting tenants supports your business, but they can be hard to find and keep track of—especially if you own more than one rental property. In this guide, we’ll outline what tenant management is, how software and apps can help, costs, and the best property management software to manage your renters and real estate business.

What is Tenant Management and How Can Property Management Apps and Software Help?

Tenant management is quite simply the organization of your renters, rent payments, maintenance, documents, and processes. You’ll want to create a repeatable, reliable process to help you stay organized. Great organization not only keeps your property running smoothly but it keeps tenants happy. Everyone benefits when you have procedures and good operations. Best of all your ROI value is increased as the reputation of your business grows.

How Can Property Management Apps and Software Help Me?

Property management apps and software can help you by providing a suite of tools to help you stay on top of your business goals and renters. A tenant management software system is also great for reducing turnover. SaaS (software as a service) solutions for rental homeowners can facilitate a renting experience that makes property and tenant management easier than ever. How does tenant management software work? Great Tenant Screening, Tracking and Management Software starts by helping landlords just like you:

  • Attract renters
  • Fill vacancies
  • Screen tenants
  • Manage leases
  • Make global announcements
  • Collect rent
  • Grow your portfolio size
  • Manage properties by building & tenant type with tags
  • Centralize tenant communications
  • Process maintenance requests
  • Create and maintain a great tenant and landlord relationship
  • Handle accounting & taxes with ease
  • Portfolio size
  • Building type
  • Tenant type

Who Is Tenant Management Software For?

Tenant management and property management software solutions are for every type of landlord or real estate investor who owns rental properties. It works by organizing your property management and keeping you confident and accountable to your real estate business. This is critical because you want to present your business as professional and efficient. 

Regardless of your tech level, the number of tenants, or properties you need tenant management software. In addition to landlords, leasing agents, HOAs (Home Owners Associations) / Strata Councils, and Co-Ops can also benefit from tenant management software. It is the perfect solution to helping your business / company operations run smoothly.

Cost of Rental Property Management Software

Tenant management via property management software improves your ROI value when you can keep tenants happy and your business streamlined to decrease cost and increase your cash flow. You will want to find software that doesn’t eat into your cash flow by charging per unit or property. That being said, what’s the best property management software to provide you with these features? Why RentRedi of course! 

Meet RentRedi, the Leading Cloud-Based Landlord Software

To create a great tenant management experience, you want to keep the costs for the software low and not charge the tenant. Additionally, it’s important to keep the payment processing charges for renters low. That is where RentRedi comes in. RentRedi is affordable, scalable property management software. We keep the ACH fee at $1. This fee can be covered by the landlord or tenant.

Common Questions People Ask About Tenant Management Software Costs

There are a few things that people ask when it comes to tenant management software costs. General prices, fees and plans can change with different software. See below why RentRedi is one of the fastest-growing and most loved software solutions. We also have a top-rated tenant management app.

  1. Is there a price per unit? There is no price per unit! All plans include unlimited units
  2. Does RentRedi have a monthly fee? With RentRedi, the monthly fee is $29.95/month. Some similar software charges tenants but we like to fully support landlords and built our software with your needs in mind
  3. Is there an annual plan? The annual plan works out to $12/month (paid annually). If you choose the 6-month plan, the monthly fee works out to $20/mo (paid every 6-months)

RentRedi is Trusted by Thousands of Landlords to Help Them With Tenant Management

Our software ensures you can manage your properties and tenants from your phone or your desktop. RentRedi covers all aspects of the renting process: list units, find tenants, organize leases and documents, collect rent, handle tenant communications, and manage maintenance and accounting. RentRedi is for every type of real estate investor and landlord. We are trusted by thousands of landlords. Our software makes tenant management a breeze.

Best Property Management and Tenant Software – See Why Thousands of Landlords Choose RentRedi

RentRed is a cloud-based property management and tenant management software We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the renting industry with easy-to-use and affordable tech. Our software streamlines every aspect of the renting experience. RentRedi is one of the best property & tenant management software solutions with a tenant portal/app. We have great reviews and testimonials for:

  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of use
  • Good reputation
  • Trusted brand
  • Robust Features
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Robust features
  • Affordable

If you’re ready to have a great property and tenant management experience get started with RentRedi below.