Most Frequently Asked Questions about RentRedi

Have questions about RentRedi? No problem, we’ve got answers!

We’re dedicated to continuously improving the renting experience for landlords and tenants, so that means a lot of focus on making communicating easier and streamlining the process. In addition to the features discussed below, we’ve also made as much of the renting process as online/mobile as possible. This means a reduction in common communication landlord pain points in the tenant screening funnel.

  1. Mobile prescreening questionnaire that enables you to quickly determine if a tenant meets your minimum requirements
  2. Comprehensive application that applicants can submit from the mobile app, in addition to their documents and background check.
  3. In-app notifications to tenants so that once they’re signed, you can easily send them reminders, updates, and announcements right to their RentRedi app.

We’re not only here to make the tenant acquisition funnel easy—we’re also about that retention strategy as well!

Below are the top questions about RentRedi’s key features and our answers. These features are not only a way to position your rental business as tech-saavy but show the tenant how you can make their renting life painless as possible to help reduce tenant turnover.

Does RentRedi do online rent collection? 

You bet your app we do! 

With RentRedi, landlords can collect rent online, and tenants can pay from a mobile app.

Similar to the concept of Venmo (but with more payment tracking features for accounting), tenants can submit rent payments from their mobile phones. Applicants and renters can download their RentRedi tenant app to submit mobile rent payments. They can also schedule customized rent reminders and set auto-pay for rent payments.

Having a tenant mobile app to make rent payments from is huge in the property management software industry. Increasingly, tenants are more likely to have a smartphone vs broadband internet or a laptop. So, like Venmo, RentRedi’s tenant portal is mobile-only. Additionally, it’s also handy for landlords and tenants who are looking for a contactless rental payment service to handle rent payment and collection.

Landlords love it too because they can manage their rent payments from one place, have an ACH-only option, and the ability to accept partial payments or block all payments. And, they can do it all from their dashboard or RentRedi app for landlords. 

Does RentRedi do tenant screening? 

You bet your background report we do! 

Obviously, tenant screening is a huge part of the renting process so we’re working on how to improve that experience for landlords and tenants as well. We run all our tenant screening requests through TransUnion, and they give you a full credit, criminal, and eviction report. They’re tenant-paid and just $39.99. 

In our web app, we’re working to make it even easier for applicants and landlords to complete the application process circle with our automatic tenant screening. Automatic tenant screening effectively merges a meticulous ‘request-and-wait’ game of email tag into an efficient one-click process. When landlords turn on auto-tenant screening, it becomes a final step in the application process that tenants complete—versus an additional step that comes afterward. 

Does RentRedi do maintenance requests? 

You bet your broken faucet we do! 

Tenants use their mobile app to submit a maintenance request with—and this is our favorite part—a 5-second video of their request. (I.e., if they say the faucet is leaking, they can take a video to show you exactly what they mean.) If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a video has to be worth…at least 2,000, right? This feature is great and landlords love it because they can see what the issue is and if it’s necessary to make a house call or not.

Our dashboard also enables landlords and teammates to prioritize, update, track, and assign maintenance requests, depending on how the issue. Teammates and maintenance personnel have free accounts! And the automatic notifications make it easy to keep everyone (including tenants) in the loop.

How much does RentRedi cost? 

You bet your subscription plan we do! Wait, that joke doesn’t work here. 

We have three subscription plans: Monthly, 6-Month, and Annual (1 year).

Our plans never limit features—they just determine how much you pay per month and the length of the subscription (i.e., Monthly is $29.95/mo, 6-Month is $20/mo, and Annual is $12/mo). Each plan includes unlimited properties, units, tenants, and teammates in your account. You can also submit maintenance requests, applications, prequalifications, and add your teammates at no additional cost.