7 Holiday Vacation Tips for Landlords

If you’re traveling for the holidays or season, you might be nervous about how you’re going to manage your rental properties from afar & searching for some easy-to-implement vacation tips. Fortunately, property management software can be super helpful. 

Check out our vacation tips for landlords that can help you delegate tasks, set rent collection up on auto-pilot, and even outsource maintenance requests while you relax and enjoy the holiday season!

7 Holiday Vacation Tips for Landlords

1. Create Rent Charges

When you set up rent charges for the duration of your lease, they are automatically generated in the tenant’s app. This way, you only have to set up rent charges once for the entire lease. You can also set up recurring month-to-month charges with RentRedi as well.

As a bonus, you can accept ACH, card, and cash rent payments with RentRedi, which offers flexibility for your tenants as well.

Ensure that your rent charges are set up before you travel—this will mean you can enjoy the New Year without having to worry about getting back home to collect physical checks or cash. 

2. Set Up Auto-Late Fees

It can be difficult to manage late fees when you’re out of state or traveling. One of our vacation tips for landlords is to ensure you’ve got auto-late fees set up before heading out.

This way, you can ensure that if a tenant pays late, fees are automatically generated by RentRedi.

3. Ask Your Renters To Set Up Automatic Payments

With their RentRedi mobile app, your tenants can set up auto-pay for rent. From YOUR RentRedi dashboard, you can not only check if the tenant has auto-pay set up, but you can also send a request for the tenant to turn on auto-pay.

Vacation tips for landlords: ask tenants to set up autopay for rent. Image of RentRedi's dashboard & autopay tracker.

While auto-pay isn’t a must-have for your vacation travel, it can take a load off you & your tenant’s mind knowing that rent will be automatically paid while you’re both out-of-town for the holidays.

4. Send Tenant Notifications via App or Email

Need to let your tenants know of repairs or your business hours during the holiday season? 

You can notify your tenant of any announcements or updates, you can send a message to their RentRedi app or email right from RentRedi!

5. Add Teammates & Set Up Tasks

If you have team members or maintenance personnel who will be on-call or taking over duties while you’re traveling, one of our best vacation tips for landlords is to add your employees to your property management software! 

With RentRedi, you have free, unlimited teammate and maintenance accounts. So you can get your entire team added & assigned specific sections (i.e., assign only the Maintenance section to your repair specialists).

You can also use the “Task” section to ensure any to-do items are listed and viewable to your team members.

6. Premium Maintenance

One of our best, most treat-yourself vacation tips is hands-off premium maintenance. This firmly removes you as the middle person between your tenants & maintenance personnel.

The benefits of premium maintenance are two-sided: you can enjoy the beach without worrying about broken, busted rentals while you’re out-of-town. Your tenants can ensure any repairs they need while you’re traveling get handled!

Even better? RentRedi’s premium maintenance comes with a free, 30-day trial. 🙂

7. Prep for Tax Season with Landlord Accounting

Let’s face it, vacation & traveling is fun but RIGHT around the corner from the holidays is the dreaded tax season! You can do FUTURE you a favor by getting your bookkeeping prepped.

In RentRedi’s premium accounting add-on, you can automatically sync your properties & payments from RentRedi and access templates created specifically for rental property owners.

Get all 3 major accounting reports: Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, and Balance Sheet. You can pull Schedule-E reports and get fixed asset tracking!

One Final Vacation Tip for Landlords?

If you have landlord friends who haven’t yet realized the benefits of landlord software—hook them up with RentRedi & earn a little extra vacation money for yourself as well.

RentRedi’s referral program for landlords offers you & your approved referrals a deal sweeter than any holiday treat: You earn $50 and your friend gets $50 off the annual plan.

Imagine how much MORE fun your vacation would be if you didn’t have to pay for it and didn’t have to worry about managing your rentals while relaxing! 

P.S. Looking for ideas to give your renters a little present for the holidays? Check out our quick guide to tenant gifts!

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