RentRedi vs Rentec Direct—Which is Best for Property Management Software?

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You know how we love our property management software comparisons (and fun) around here at RentRedi. This month our Rental Software “Smackdown” features RentRedi vs Rentec Direct.

We strive to be as unbiased as possible and simply layout the features (to the best of our knowledge) of RentRedi vs Rentec Direct below.

If you want to know the best rental software for landlords, see below how RentRedi vs Rentec Direct compares!

RentRedi vs Rentec Direct: Side by Side

FeaturesRentRediRentec Direct
Mobile Rent PaymentsYes, Yes
Cash rent paymentsYes, only $1 per paymentYes, $3.99 per payment
Add Manual PaymentsYesNot listed
Block payments directlyYesNot listed
Auto-Late FeesYesYes
Payments & Charges DashboardYesYes
Built-in ApplicationYesYes
Built-in PrescreeningYes, 10 simple questions to see if tenants qualify for your unit. One-click accept or rejectNot listed
Tenant ScreeningYes, TransUnion-certified.

Tenant-paid, full credit, criminal, and eviction history report.
Yes, landlord-paid, tiered pricing package for tenant screening
Maintenance request managementYesYes
Videos of Maintenance IssuesYesNot listed
Option to outsource premium maintenanceYesNot listed
E-Lease SigningYes, free of chargeYes
In-app notifications to tenantsYes, custom notifications to tenants regarding any important updates or informationYes
Reminder communication to tenantsYes, send rent reminders directly to tenants’ phones!Yes
Document Storage & SharingYesYes
Google Calendar SyncYesNot listed
Task ManagementYesNot listed
Custom Reports & ExportsYesYes
AccountingExport directly to Quickbooks Online, Wave, and spreadsheetsYes
ListingsYes, & ZillowYes
Marketing PageYes, unlimited and free to share on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, your website, social media, and more!Yes
Flexible payment optionsCash, Bank, Card

Or, Bank/Cash – only (your choice)
Credit boost for tenantsYesNot listed
Recurring Rent RemindersYes, tenants can set up their own in-app rent remindersNot listed
Auto-Pay for TenantsYesNot listed
Renters Insurance for TenantsYes, affordable insurance plans for all your rentersYes
Live Customer SupportYes, 7 days a week
Chat, email, phone, 1-on-1 support
Yes, M-F only
Email, phone
Free teammate accountsYesYes
Unlimited free payment accountsYesNot listed
App available for landlordsYesYes
App available for tenantsYesYes
Unlimited UnitsYes, all plans included unlimited units and NO minimumsNo, subscription plans based on # of units
PricingRentRedi (all-inclusive)

Monthly – $29.95/mo
6-Month – $20/mo
Annual – $12/mo
Rentec ProStarts at $35.00/mo

Rentec PM
Starts at $40.00/mo

RentRedi vs Rentec Direct—Which is the best property management software for landlords? 

Well, RentRedi vs Rentec Direct was another amazing showdown. Both property management softwares have a lot of similar features! 

However, we feel RentRedi stands out when it comes to

  1. Tenant features
  2. Pricing plans

Tenant Features for Rental Payments

For example, RentRedi offers tenants the opportunity to report their rent payments to credit bureaus. This not only offers renters an incentive to pay rent on-time, but it also means…you get your rent on time! Plus, rent reporting is a competitive advantage in the rental market—67% of renters were more likely to choose apartments with credit reporting according to TransUnion!

Additionally, our CASH payment fees are only $1, whereas with Rentec Direct it costs the renters $3.99 to process cash rent payments.

Property Management Software Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the cost of Rentec Direct plans change based on the type of plan you subscribe to and how many units you have

However, with RentRedi, our plans are all flat rate—the only thing that changes is the length of your subscription.

For example, if you have 10 units and want a monthly plan, you would pay $39.99 for Rentech Pro and only $29.95 for RentRedi—with ALL features included.

We love a good deal. 😉   

You can learn more about how RentRedi works by watching our demo video and seeing how we can make rental & property management easier for landlords. Also, you don’t have to take our word for it—check out these 5-star customer reviews from landlords about how much they love using RentRedi!