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Introducing: RentRedi Partner Program

Interested in becoming a RentRedi partner? We recently launched our partner program to enable partners to share the love and earn some money at the same time!

renters insurance through rentredi

Renters Insurance through RentRedi

Your tenants can get renters insurance through RentRedi! Landlords can see if tenants are insured or notify them to get renters’ insurance if they are not. ​

woman on phone and with hand on mouse checking computer for rentredi custom reports

Export Reports with RentRedi

Create RentRedi export reports for renters, rent, maintenance, properties, notifications, prequalifications, and applications!

young couple holding documents in front of laptop for share documents with rentredi hero image

Share Documents with RentRedi

Landlords can now share documents with RentRedi to their tenants, such as leases and utility bills, from their dashboard to the tenant app.