Using Social Media to Fill Vacant Properties

Landlords have various options for marketing their vacant properties to prospective tenants. One option that some landlords overlook is utilizing the power of social media.

Seeing as most people use social media, those who are looking to rent could easily spot your rental listings on platforms like Instagram and Facebook before they check out more traditional places that list rental properties.

Therefore, by using social media, you can gain an advantage over those landlords that stick to more traditional marketing routes.

If you’re not sure of how to get started with using social media to fill your vacancies, check out the following helpful tips.

Identify Your Target Tenant to Select the Right Social Media Channels

One of the first things you should do is identify who your ideal tenant is. Once you have a good idea of your target tenant profile, you can better select the right social media platforms to use.

For example, you can find people of all ages on Facebook, but most older people use Facebook more than other social media platforms. Therefore, if you want to rent out an apartment to seniors, Facebook should definitely be on your list of social media sites to use.

If you’re looking for younger tenants, you’ll want to make sure you’re on sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

You’re sure to already be on several social media platforms, which means you’ll already have multiple connections who you can contact when you have new rentals available.

Simply reach out to your online connections to see if they are interested in renting your vacancies. Even if they’re not, they could recommend your rental properties to people they know. Thus, you could fill your vacant homes quickly and easily.

You should also continually expand your sphere of influence by making more and more connections. The more people you have contact with on social media sites, the higher your chances are of finding tenants who are ideal for your properties.

Build a Social Media Presence and a Strong Brand

Following on from the last point, the more time you spend building a social media presence and a strong brand, the easier and quicker filling vacant properties will be.

To achieve that, you should post engaging and useful content on each of your social media channels regularly, link your social media channels to your website, promote your social media presence in emails and newsletters, and share and like other people’s content. But you shouldn’t do all of that without a strong brand.

Make sure your branding is consistent across all of your online platforms and is easily recognizable. You can then build trust and recognition with your audience. And a strong brand can set you apart from other landlords who are using social media to find tenants.

Post High-Quality Property Photos

While you should post various kinds of content on your social media sites, your primary goal is to promote your vacant properties. Therefore, you need to ensure the photos of properties that you post are of high quality.

You should carefully compose shots to show off properties from their best angles and use photo editing tools to enhance the images by doing things like removing elements in the background, enhancing vibrancy, and sharpening the focus.

The more striking your property photos are, the more attention they will receive from potential tenants.

Post Other Engaging Content

Other content that you can post on social media to gain more attention and engage people more includes helpful posts for new tenants, information about the best areas to live, and financial advice.

In fact, you can post anything that is related to your industry to gain more followers, more views, and more engagement.

In turn, that means you will widen your scope and have more prospective tenants looking at your social media posts.

Use Calls to Action

You should also use calls to action in your social media posts. For example, you could invite people to click on a link that takes them to your website, sign up for your newsletter, and contact you via phone to discuss their property needs.

Make sure you use simple but effective wording for your calls to action.

Also, ensure you place your calls to action in prominent positions on your social media feeds so that people looking at your content won’t miss them.

Enhance Your Property Listings by Using Paid Social Media Ads

You can place paid ads on different social media sites to promote your vacancies more. While you will need to fund those ads, it can be more than worthwhile if it enables you to find tenants quickly and effectively.

Using paid ads is also a great way to build more followers and enhance your brand awareness.