Apartment Amenities & How to Market Them

Advertising your property and apartment amenities can be difficult. After all, you might be unsure of what amenities you have to offer. Or, you might be uncertain of how to market your amazing offerings.

Check out our post on what amenities are and how to showcase them to attract tenants and fill vacancies quickly!

What are amenities in an apartment?

Apartment amenities are anything extra included in your property beyond the typical scope of property offerings. Normally, you want to include amenities in your rental, as it can help attract tenants when listing a vacancy. To do this, look around and review all the items your property has. Which are standard offerings in most units? Which do you feel adds a little something special to YOUR unit?

What are apartment amenities?

To be sure, lots of items and aspects of your rental can be good amenities!

For example, certain amenities might include a backyard, porch/patio, premium maintenance, heated floors, wifi, central air conditioning, or a washer and dryer.

Even smart amenities are a huge deal and not too hard to add on to a property. Smart amenities might include automatic timers for security lights, smart plugins, or smart window shades. With smart apartment amenities, you can offer a tenant a little technological advantage in your home.

Are a washer and dryer an amenity tenants want?

Absolutely! No tenant wants to go to the laundry mat or their parent’s house to do laundry. Offering in-unit washers and dryers can be a major attraction to applicants for your property.

If you’re debating about whether or not inputting a washer and dryer into the unit is worth it, remember that tenants love this feature. You may be able to increase the rent on your property if laundry is added as an amenity. 

How to market apartment amenities?

When it comes to making sure tenants know about your apartment’s amenities, don’t be afraid to show off a little! Marketing your amenities is a strategic part of drawing tenants to your listing. The more you show what you have, the more they’ll want to rent your property!

One way to figure out how to market your rental is to use sites like Realtor.com and Zillow. Take a peek at other listings and see how they are marking their units. For example, you might consider a patio just a standard part of your unit. However, another rental may list this as an amenity. This is a great way you can market

unit amenities
property amenities

Using a property management software like RentRedi is great for listing your amenities — all you have to do is check a box!

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