Best Tenant Management Software with Tenant Portal

Best Tenant Management Software with Tenant Portal – What to Look For, Paid vs Free, Pros and Cons, Reviews and How to Get Started

The best tenant management software with a tenant portal can feel like you have your very own personal assistant. You’ve acquired your first rental property; now, how do you manage it? That’s where property management software comes in.

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What is Property Management Software?

Q: What is property management software? A: Property management software is a technology you can use to track your rentals, tenants, rent charges, maintenance, accounting, and to-do lists to help you stay on top of your investment property game! Lose the pad of paper and upgrade to landlord software. Managing your properties will be a breeze.

Definition: Property management (PM) software (or tenant management software as it’s sometimes called) usually comes with a companion tenant portal. This tenant portal lets renters pay their rent. Tenants can also pay other fees or bills you charge. In addition, tenants can submit maintenance requests and much more.

How Can RentRedi Landlord Software Help?

RentRedi’s property management software is a great tenant management solution. How can landlords and tenants rent smarter in the USA? If you’re just starting, a total expert, or looking to grow your business, look no further. RentRedi has all the above features and comes with a low, flat-rate price (bottomless number of units), so you never pay more as you grow. Landlord software can help by streamlining your business and simplifying each task you need to do.

Who Should Use Rental Property Management Software?

As mentioned above, rental property management software is for every real estate investor. Regardless if you’re new to the game or have been playing for a while, rental property management software is beneficial to help keep your business and properties on track.

Collect Rent, Manage Vacancies or Filled Properties, Conduct Maintenance or Accounting

If you need to collect rent for your commercial or residential properties, manage vacancies or filled properties, you’ll need a rental property management system. Good software will also allow you to handle maintenance and accounting. Real estate investors work more than one job for their investments; you’ll want to condense the number of platforms and modalities you use. Tenant rent manager software can save you time and money.

Why use 47,000 different software programs if you can use just one to manage everything?

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Tenant Portal Rent Manager – Find the Best Tenant App for Your Business

Property management software usually comes with tenant portal software. So when you’re investigating tenant management software for your business, you need to consider the best tenant app.

After all, if your renters don’t like the tenant portal rent manager of your choosing, they’re…not going to use it. And obviously, you’d like your tenants to pay rent using the best platform for your business. So, which software has the best tenant portal rent manager?

Key Features A Good Rent Manager With a Tenant Portal Should Deliver

Remember; tenants are a key aspect of your business, so the rent manager tenant portal and the rental app for tenants and landlords NEED to be effective. Tenant management software like RentRedi handles automatic rent reminders and payments, maintenance requests, leases, document storage, applications, and prequalifications.

Additional Inclusions in the Best Rental Portal 

What’s more, RentRedi tenants can purchase renters insurance right from the app and credit reporting, so when they pay rent on time, they can improve their credit score. Consequently, be on the lookout for attractive features that will incentivize your renters to use rent and lease management software RentRedi has the features you need.

Power and ease of use make the RentRedi software one of the best rental portals today.

When it comes to your budget and determining whether you want free property management software or paid, keep in mind there are pros and cons. Free tenant management software systems are less expensive and often lack powerful features. The software you don’t pay for, and open source programs usually aren’t updated, creating a host of issues.

Additionally, to access more features, you usually have to pay for them anyway—which results in hidden fees. These extra costs can amount to you paying more than if you were to just go with paid software in the first place.

Trust RentRedi – Leading Tenant Management Software in the USA

With paid tenant management software like RentRedi, your information is secure and intact, and new features are constantly rolled out based on your feedback. As a bonus, RentRedi is a flat fee, which means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees for more units, tenants, or teammates. You pay only based on the frequency you’d like to receive a bill. It’s no wonder why many American landlords rely on RentRedi to help them manage their properties.

Types of Property Management Software – Which is Best for Real Estate Investing?

There are many types of property management software, so you’ll have to decide which is best for you. Some do rent payments only. Some software is desktop only. You’ll want to steer clear of these.

As mentioned above, real estate investing requires many different aspects of work. Not to make it sound difficult, but that’s just the reality! You’ll want to look for software that is with you every step of the way. It should include advanced features, be cloud-ready, keep you organized and lessen the work of managing your investment properties.

Easy-to-Use Property Management Software

Fortunately, easy-to-use property management software lets you manage rentals at an affordable price. Software like RentRedi is great for every type of property (single-family homes, commercial properties, short-term rentals, etc.).

Why? Because RentRent is mobile and desktop, cloud-based, with limitless units and tenants, and the plans are flat-priced. You can take your properties with you and only pay one flat fee for ALL your properties. There are no hidden fees. Plus, you get a sweet $50 referral program AND Home Depot discounts – who can resist that?

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Best Property Management Software Comparison – Pros and Cons

Your properties aren’t just properties—they’re investments. They’re the potential for long-term revenue. Eventually, this revenue stream could turn into passive income. Choosing the best property management software that works for you can help you succeed. Let’s go over the pros and cons.

Pros of Property Management Software

There are many pros of property management software. RentRedi has several features that distinguish it from other tenant management platforms. Some of RentRedi’s attributes include the items below.

Unlimited units & tenants
Flat-priced cost
Online and mobile apps
Easy & automated rent collection
Listings to Zillow and
Professional marketing pages
Lease signing
Document storage
Credit boosting for tenants & much more

Cons of Property Management Software – Some Can Overcharge

There are some cons of property management software. You’ll want to avoid software that charges you per unit. Sometimes this can increase the cost of the software over time as you grow your business. Beware of software that also only does rent collection. It isn’t worth your time if the software doesn’t have mobile apps, maintenance or accounting.

Tenant Management Software Companies Can Add Hidden Fees – Choose Unlimited Software Instead 

Some tenant management software companies will charge you hundreds of dollars to use their services. Others might seem cheap but then sneakily increase the price for more units or access to certain features. You can avoid high costs and hidden fees just by choosing different software. With RentRedi, you get endless units at a flat rate with access to all features. Our subscription model is duration-based:

  • Monthly (pay as you go) – $29.95
  • Annual (get a year of RentRedi) – $144 (only $12/mo)
  • 6-Month (get half a year of RentRedi) – $120 ($20/mo)

Wondering if there’s more to property management software than just…well, the rental house management side of things? There definitely is.

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RentRedi lets you manage all types of rentals, not just investment properties. For example, storage units, facilities, commercial properties, salons, associated fees with HOAs, garage rentals—anything you can collect charges or payments, we can help. Our maintenance features are also cost-savvy, as you can add free teammates and maintenance personnel.

Thankfully, RentRedi checks all these boxes! (Did we mention the Home Depot discount and $50 referral program? ;))

Landlord Software Ratings – RentRedi Reviews from Landlords

When looking for landlord software ratings, you will want to choose one with lots of positive feedback. RentRedi reviews stand out from the pack. Thousands of landlords and tenants use our software every day. Check out some of our landlord software reviews below.

“RentRedi makes it easy to keep up with rental units. 

Rather than having a to do list for each property, and a sheet for who has paid rent, plus running to the bank to make deposits, this puts everything in one place. I also like the ability to have clients upload videos rather than calling to ask them specifically what is needed. It also prevents them from calling me at crazy hours which is another plus.

Also I can set up quarterly to do items for the maintenance guy, and he gets emails for repairs as well.

Money is funded to my account in a reasonable amount of time, and the help button gets very quick responses.” — Linda C.

“Best Landlord Rental Software Management Tool

  1. A clear dashboard of upcoming dues and past dues
  2. Auto Late Fee Rules
  3. Accepts ACH, Credit, & Debit Card Payments with option to pass CC fees to tenants
  4. Option to list vacancies on multiple flagship housing websites with option for auotscreeninig
  5. Option to grant access to realtor or rental manager with option to hide modules.
  6. Best [software] of all” — Anonymous 

“RentRedi fundamentally changed my rental business!

One of the biggest thorns in my side is managing maintenance. RentRedi transformed that process. Tenants submit requests through the app and it now goes straight to my team. I’m no longer the middle man.

It also replaced our CRM so we have less fragmentation. It’s a one-stop-shop for many tools for landlords.

And their support is absolutely amazing!” – Jason K.

Best Tenant Management Software With Tenant Portal – Buy RentRedi Today

Now you’re ready to invest in the most significant part of your business. Which is the top property management software, and how do you choose just one? Let’s do a quick reminder and run-down of what to look for when comparing tenant management systems.

Online & mobile apps
Easy & automated rent collection
Listings to sites like Zillow &
Professional marketing pages for your listings
Maintenance management
Lease signing & document storage
Credit boosting for tenants
Free tenant and teammate accounts
Unlimited units & tenants at a flat-priced cost

RentRedi has all of these features and many more. It’s easily one of the best tenant management software programs available with a tenant portal. Give RentRedi a try today, book your free demo or chat with us online.