What is the Best Carpet for Rental Property? 

So, you’ve got your first rental property and now you’re ready to put the final touches on it before listing the unit and securing that perfect tenant. The only question remains: what’s the best carpet for rental property?

Before you head off to Home Depot (where, by the way, you get a sweet discount if you’re a RentRedi landlord!) and start loading up rolls of carpet, it’s important to do your research on what carpet is best suited for rentals.

Consider the following questions as you determine what carpet is best for your rental property:

  1. Where are you putting the carpet?
  2. Do you allow pets?
  3. Will you be renting to families with kids?
  4. What’s your budget?

Factor #1: Location of the Carpeting

Renting: isn’t it always about location? 

The same is true with carpeting. What rooms and where you decide to lay down carpet will factor in the type of carpet you get. For example, if you’re considering carpet in a public hallway that experiences a lot of foot traffic, you won’t want a plush, white carpet. This will almost immediately be destroyed upon the first move-in. 

However, that type of carpet might be more suitable for a bedroom.

Another factor to consider is what rooms do and don’t need carpet. While a living room or bedroom might benefit from a little carpeting, you definitely shouldn’t carpet the bathroom, dining room, or kitchen where water and staining will be more likely to occur.

Factor #2: Durability of the Carpeting

Many landlords will argue that non-carpeted flooring is the only way to go when it comes to rentals. However, it can be hard to resist the comforting allure of a carpeted home. 

Whether you install carpet or not will be up to you. For some rentals in colder climates, it might make more sense to install carpeting. Especially if it’s a non-pet rental. 

If you do choose to install carpeting, you should budget for carpet replacement. Regardless of how durable a carpet claims to be, eventually, it will need to be ripped up and replaced. So, just make sure you factor that into your rental inspections and budget.

Factor #3: Stain Resistance of the Carpeting

Another important factor to consider when exploring what type of carpet is best for rental property: stains. 

Now, you can probably mitigate staining risk if your tenants do not have pets or kids. However, keep in mind that spills happen regardless of age or the presence of animals.

Home Depot offers 3 options for durability of carpet and stain resistance carpeting. 

Carpet TypeStain WarrantyWear Warranty
LifeproofLifetime25 years
Home Decorators15 years15 years
TrafficMASTER5 years5 years

Factor #4: Color of the Carpeting

When considering what carpet is best for rental property, it’s important to consider the color as well. 

While it might be tempting to go a dark color (i.e., navy blue or brown) to hide any staining or tracks, bear in mind that dark colors can make the apartment look smaller and dimmer.

Conversely, a white or light color will show every footprint and stain. Typically a gray or beige (or even a “greige” = a blend of the two colors) is a good blend of light and dark to hide footprints while also not darkening the unit. 

Factor #5: Pricing 

Of course, pricing is also an important consideration. You should be sure to carefully measure the space you will be carpeting, as well as factoring in any additional costs—such as hiring a handyman or outsourcing to install the carpeting if you aren’t able to do it yourself.

Additionally, sites like HomeDepot will show you how much a potential carpet type will cost with their estimated price calculator depending on your square footage.

Finding the Best Carpet for Rental Property

If you choose to install carpet in your rental property, be sure to factor in location, durability, stain resistance, color, and price.

It’s hard to surmise the best carpet for a rental property without knowledge of the unit itself. An example of a potential carpet suitable for a rental is Home Depot’s Lifeproof Boxton – Color Ice Sculpture Pattern. It’s made with nylon backing (which many landlords recommend as a material, is a nice light grey color, stain-resistant, durable, and is $2.69/square foot.

If you want to “swatch” carpet types with your rental, most stores will let you take (or purchase) samples so you can get a ‘real feel’ for the carpet and see how matches the interior of your rental.

In general, If you’re wondering where to start on your carpet hunt—we recommend starting with location! Most factors for finding the best carpet for rental property will depend largely on which areas you want to carpet, as it determines what type of durability, color, stain-resistance, and price you’re willing to pay. 

And, if all else fails, perhaps some artificial grass carpeting will not only offer a unique experience for your tenants but also bring some natural elements to your rental!