How to Write a Landlord Introduction Letter | Checklist

If you’ve got first-time renters moving into your property, sending a landlord introduction letter that explains how you manage rent collection, maintenance, and other important details can help set their tenancy up for success.

In this article, we’ll outline what to include in your landlord introduction letter, as well as provide a checklist outlining these topics to cover so you can create your own.

Introduce Yourself

The first step, of course, is to introduce yourself. This can be especially helpful if your tenants have only met with a property manager or any of your team members in the initial vetting and application process.

This does not need to be a whole paragraph. You can simply state your name and professional title. 

Rent Due Date, Collection Methods, and Late Fees

Secondly, your landlord introduction letter should outline when rent is due, how you collect it, and any late fees associated with not paying rent on time

For rent due date, establish when tenants need to have the rent money in your possession or submitted via a landlord payment app like RentRedi.

Let tenants know how you accept rent payments so they can be sure to properly submit the payment to you without having to ask questions later.

If you use RentRedi, let your tenants know they need to download the RentRedi app. This does not need to require any special effort on your part, RentRedi provides you with a free tenant guide, a tenant introduction letter to RentRedi, AND customer support for tenants via the RentRedi tenant app.

As an added incentive for tenants paying rent using RentRedi, they can also set up auto-payments and sign up for credit boost to have their on-time rent payments be submitted to credit bureaus.

For late fees, include information about what is considered a late rent payment and the fees associated with delayed payment. For example, do you charge a dollar or percentage amount after 5 days late?

If you use RentRedi, you can easily set up late fees to automatically charge the tenant & include this information in your landlord introduction letter.

Property Maintenance & Cleaning Responsibilities

For the next portion of your landlord introduction letter, you’ll want to include information about the tenant’s duty regarding maintenance and proper upkeep of the property.

First, highlight any key tenant maintenance responsibilities. This can include anything that renters commonly mistake as your duty to resolve. Each landlord will have their own list of upkeep the tenant needs to uphold; for example, plunging a toilet, changing a light bulb, mowing the grass, etc.

You can also let the tenant know if they need to follow a rental inspection checklist & schedule to ensure the property is appropriately maintained and prepped for any seasonal changes. Additionally, be sure to highlight if there are special tenant cleaning responsibilities they are expected to adhere to in order to prevent property deterioration or pest issues.

If you do have this procedure, you can print the template for the tenant to have in their possession. (Or, you can electronically share the file with them via email or RentRedi’s doc-sharing capabilities.

Second, let the tenant know how you manage repair requests that you or your maintenance team need to resolve:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Text
  • Work order system

For using a work order system to process repair requests, include instructions as to how the tenant can access it. In RentRedi’s tenant app, tenants can simply tap the “Repair” button to submit a maintenance request.

Available Amenities or Perks

Does your rental have any bonus amenities or perks? Be sure to include them in your landlord introduction letter!

Some amenities & perks might include:

  • Backyard area usage
  • Off-street parking
  • Extra storage
  • Wifi
  • Laundry units
  • Pool / gym access

If you need some ideas of what to list as unit or property amenities, check our RentRedi’s listing page. You have the ability to showcase features available at your rental to attract renters right from the get-go!

RentRedi's list of amenities that might be included in a landlord introduction letter

Property Rules & Restrictions

If you have any rules and regulations—and you want to ensure the renter is aware of them—note them briefly in your landlord introduction letter and suggest the tenant reference their lease for more information.

These may include:

  • Noise hours
  • Animal/pet rules
  • Visitor rules
  • Parking rules
  • Garbage / recycling rules
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Cleaning responsibilities

Business Hours & Contact Information

Finally, you can close your landlord introduction letter by including your working hours and contact information.

I am available during the following hours and days _________________.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me via _________________.

How you prefer to communicate will depend on your style and hours, but here are a few examples:

  • “Available by phone or email from 9 am to 5 pm. After-hours or weekends please text first.”
  • “RentRedi maintenance requests are the proper way to submit maintenance requests, please use their service. For emergencies, I have enabled Latchel (emergency maintenance service), who you can contact also via your RentRedi tenant app.”
  • “For questions regarding your rent or lease, you can contact me via email”
  • “The fastest way to reach me is by phone. CALL, don’t text.”

If you accept mail-in or drop-off checks, include the address for the tenant.

Landlord Introduction Letter Checklist

Every introduction letter to your tenant will be different for each landlord AND your letter might even change from property to property or unit to unit.

To streamline the process for yourself, you might create a template using the following checklist and keep a blank copy on hand that you can photocopy or print from your computer & fill out as needed.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Rent due date & preferred collection methods
  3. Official “late date” & associated fees
  4. Maintenance responsibilities & requests
  5. List available amenities
  6. Property rules & restrictions
  7. Business hours & contact info

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