RentRedi vs Who is Best for Property Management Software?

Welcome back to another RentRedi competitor comparison featuring…(insert dramatic pause here)…RentRedi vs!

This comparison has been HIGHLY requested by landlords shopping around for the best property management software. 

We believe so much in RentRedi’s ability to transform how you manage your rentals that we are always happy to oblige and show you how each rental manager compares against one another.

Without further ado, let’s start the RentRedi vs rental manager showdown throwdown!

(Just kidding, we only throwdown sweet new features like, oh I don’t know, RENTAL PROPERTY ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE!?!) 😉 

RentRedi vs Best Property Management Software for Landlords
Mobile rent paymentsYesYes
Cash rent paymentsYes! Tenants can use Chime deposits to pay their rent from RentRedi without any hand-off coordination requiredNot listed
Add manual paymentsYesNot listed
Deposits into property-specific bank accountsYesNo
Block payments directlyYes, this is an amazing feature if you ever get into an eviction situationNo
Accept/block partial paymentsYesNo
Auto-late feesYesNo
Payments & charges dashboardYesYes
Built-in applicationYes, free for tenants & available via a free mobile app.Yes, online applications available for tenants
Built-in prescreeningYes, 10 simple questions to see if tenants qualify for your unit. 
This makes it easy for you to determine a renter is qualified for your rental before showing, applying, or screening!
Tenant screeningYes, TransUnion credit and background reports, no cost to the landlord. Tenant cost not listed.Yes, listings to network but promoted postings require additional costs anywhere from $199-$300/month
Maintenance request managementYesYes
Videos of maintenance issuesYesYes
Add-on premium maintenanceYes, partnership with Latchel to provide you with options to outsource emergency or ALL maintenance requestsNo
Add-on rental property accounting
Yes, partnership with REI Hub to give you easy bookkeeping for your rental properties!
Lease signingYes, free of chargeYes
In-app notifications to tenantsYes, custom notifications to tenants regarding any important updates or informationNot listed
Reminder communication to tenantsYes, send rent reminders directly to tenants’ phones!Not listed
Document storage & sharingYesYes
Google calendar syncYesNot listed
Task managementYesNot listed
Free teammate/maintenance accountsYesNot listed
Custom reports & exportsYesYes
ListingsYes, and ZillowYes, listings to network but promoted postings require additional cost anywhere from $199-$300/month
Marketing pageYes, unlimited and free to share on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, your website, social media, and more!

Plus, tenants can directly prequalify to your unit.
Not listed
Flexible payment optionsCash, Bank, Card.
Landlords can choose which payment methods to accept.
Not listed
Credit boost for tenantsYesNot listed
Recurring rent remindersYes, tenants can set up their own in-app rent remindersNot listed
Auto-pay for tenantsYesYes
Renters insurance for tenantsYes, affordable insurance plans for all your rentersNot listed
Insurance tracking for landlordsYesNot listed
Live customer supportYesNo
Free teammate accountsYesNot listed
Unlimited free payment accountsYesNot listed
App available for landlordsYesNot listed
App available for tenantsYesNot listed
Unlimited unitsYes, all plans included unlimited units and NO minimumsNot listed

Bottom Line for RentRedi vs 

You all know what we’re going to say here…RentRedi vs rental manager is an AMAZING match-up, but we just LOVE these awesome features you get with a RentRedi subscription:

  • Prescreening—easily determine if an applicant is qualified before showing, applying, or screening. 
  • Tenant mobile app with features like cash rent payment options, auto-pay, recurring rent reminders, in-app notifications, credit boosting, and renter’s insurance
  • Premium maintenance & rental property accounting—premium features so you can delegate the maintenance and accounting of your rental business 
  • Listings & marketing tools ( & Zillow, free & sharable marketing page)
  • Rent & tenant management tools—auto-late fees, blocking payments, and property-specific bank accounts
  • Live customer service & 1-on-1 demos with a real human

We might be a little biased, of course. But you can see yourself if you want to schedule a 1-on-1 demo with a RentRedi team member; we’ll show you why we love RentRedi so much. 

And why you will too! 🙂

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