Top 3 Landlord Pain Points and How to Fix Them

Every landlord knows that managing a rental property business can come with its fair share of headaches. The top three common landlord pain points—finding quality tenants, having tenants pay rent, and calculating late fees—can leave anyone feeling frustrated. However, automating your rentals can be the headache-reliever you’ve been looking for. 

Move over, Tylenol—it’s RentRedi’s time to shine.

RentRedi is focused on using technology to design a platform for landlords by landlords. We listen to our customers (landlords and property managers from all over the country), ask them how we can make their lives easier, and then we build it.

Pain Point #1: Finding Quality Tenants

Finding good, quality tenants is the cornerstone of any good rental property business. RentRedi’s technology is focused on alleviating as many pain points that come with the tenant screening process, such as creating an in-app solution for prequalifying tenants. Recently, however, we went one step further and made tenant screening automatic. Our auto-tenant screening combines the tenant application and screening into one beautifully simple step that ensures landlords are automatically receiving the tenant-paid screening reports (credit, criminal, eviction) from TransUnion with their application.

Pain Point #2: Collecting Rent

Paying and collecting rent can just be a plain old pain point in the butt. Even with tenants who usually pay on time, it can just be one of those things that slips their mind especially if they’re traveling or just busy with that little thing we call life. However, RentRedi designed a mobile app just for tenants to make paying rent even easier. Not only can they pay rent right from their phone, but they can also set up auto-pay. When they go to the Rent icon in their tenant app, they can enter the amount and date they want the payment to be automatically made on!

Pain Point #3: Calculating Late Fees

If your tenant does happen to pay rent late, RentRedi’s made it easy peasy lemon squeezy to automatically collect late fees. Customize your grace period, first and recurring late fee (by percentage or dollar amount), and set a cap and then never have to worry about calculating who owes you what and when. RentRedi’s got you covered.

Property Management Software to Solve Landlord Pain Points

Property management solutions shouldn’t only relieve landlord pain points, they should also solve the pain point. Luckily, we can do what Tylenol can’t. (No offense, Tylenol.) Auto-tenant screening, tenant auto-payments, and auto-late fees were features that came straight from common landlord pain points. RentRedi works directly with landlords to remove hurdles in the landlord and rental property business.