Auto-Tenant Screening from RentRedi

RentRedi is excited to announce our latest and greatest feature release: auto-tenant screening!

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What is auto-tenant screening?

Auto-tenant screening allows landlords to get tenant screening with every application submitted! 

Tenants now complete their screening as the last step of their application and landlords will receive everything completed at once. Instantly, landlords will be able to review not only the tenant’s application, but also full reports from TransUnion (credit, criminal, and eviction) on their RentRedi dashboard.

auto-tenant screening image: rediScreen tenant screening image with text that reads: full credit report, full eviction report, full criminal report, certified by TransUnion, credit-based resident score, custom leasing recommendation.

Instead of having to request and wait for a tenant to complete the screening process, simply turn on automatic tenant screening for their properties. You receive notifications about the completed application and screening via email. RentRedi makes it easier than ever to find tenants!

Want to auto-screen your tenants? Get started!