How To Create a Farmhouse Themed Airbnb on a $20K Budget | Airbnb Tour! | Video

Airbnb-ing is a strategy for making money on any property.

The need to make an Airbnb stand out is becoming more important, especially in markets that are NOT destinations on their own. Right now, with social distancing and quarantine, people want to get away from their home! In a non-COVID world, families want a less expensive hotel option for a family vacation. Both require an Airbnb that people want to stay in and a trick is to use a theme.

Host Amber Schworm, real estate investor & flipping expert, walks us through the full remodel of her & Glenn’s farmhouse-themed Airbnb.

By leveraging a popular decor theme, Amber explains how & why you can make an Airbnb property stand out on a tight budget! The goal is to stay booked because the property is a must-see.

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