text reads: tenants can now report rent payments to boost credit scores

Tenants Can Now Report Rent Payments to Boost Credit Scores

March 3, 2021

RentRedi releases a new credit reporting feature to help tenants build credit when they report rent payments to credit bureaus via the RentRedi tenant app.

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text reads: rentredi launches "the real estate pod" podcast

RentRedi Launches “The Real Estate Pod” Podcast With Expert Hosts To Help Listeners Build Wealth From Real Estate

February 15, 2021

RentRedi launches new podcast The Real Estate Pod to tackle every facet of real estate investing and provides listeners with actionable strategies to start, scale, and cashflow their real estate business.

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text reads: rentredi to help real estate investors build wealth through investing

RentRedi To Help Real Estate Investors Build Wealth Through Investing

February 12, 2021

RentRedi, property management software, recently launched its real estate YouTube channel to help investors learn to build wealth through investing.

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text reads: RentRedi partners with Latchel integration for 24/7 premium maintenance

RentRedi Adds 24/7 Hands-Off Premium Maintenance with Latchel Integration 

November 18, 2020

RentRedi partners with Latchel integration to provide landlords with the option to outsource 24/7 full or emergency premium maintenance for their tenants.

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text reads: rentredi and partner for real estate listings


July 6, 2020

Proptech Startup Partners With Notable Real Estate Networks To Provide Landlords With Extensive Listing Options

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text reads: G2 ranks rentredi #1 for rental payment software

G2 Ranks RentRedi #1 for Rental Payment Software

June 25, 2020

RentRedi is ranked #1 for highest-rated rental payment software and has been positioned as a major player in the residential real estate industry.

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