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Simply share your unique link to earn $50 for each landlord referral!

As a bonus, your referral gets $50 off the annual plan!


Share your unique link to your friends and network.


Your referrals sign up for RentRedi’s annual plan using your unique link.


You earn $50 for each landlord referral, and they get $50 off the annual plan.

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Referral Program FAQs

What’s RentRedi’s referral program?

RentRedi’s referral program allows you to recommend RentRedi to a friend and receive a bonus! You get $50 and your friend gets $50 off the annual plan.

How can I refer a friend?

Refer a friend by sending them an email, social media shout, or copying and pasting your personal referral link.

When do I get paid?

When your referral signs up for RentRedi and their account is approved, you will receive your referral bonus!

I referred a friend, why haven’t I received my payment?

There are two possible reasons why you haven’t received your referral payout.

  1. You haven’t selected a payment account to deposit the money into. You can choose the payment account above under “Select Account For Referral Earnings”.
  2. Your referral signed up with a different code or forgot to use your code.

How can I check the status of my referral?

You can check the status of your referral from the Referral Page on the lefthand sidebars, under “Referral Metrics”.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our chat support! We are happy to help. 😄

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