Complete background checks and tenant screening services

Our partnership with TransUnion provides you with access to full credit, criminal, and eviction history reports for every tenant you screen.

Full Credit Reports

TransUnion’s tenant credit checks use ResidentScore to predict rental eviction risk 15% better than traditional credit scores, helping you make a more confident rental decision.

Tenant Criminal Report

Over 370 million criminal records from state and national databases provide you with comprehensive information.

Tenant Eviction Report

One of the largest eviction databases subject to the FCRA with 27 million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

How It Works For Landlords

Invite applicants to complete a tenant screening, automatically include tenant screening with all applications. We offer flexible options to suit your needs

rentredi tenant screening step 1

1. On your RentRedi dashboard, click the “Applications” tab.

rentredi tenant screening step 2

2. Click the application of the tenant you would like to request a screening from.

rentredi tenant screening step 3

3. On the lefthand side, under the tenant’s name, you will see a blue “Tenant Screening” button, click this button.

Tenant Background Check

4. A tenant screening popup will appear! Click “Next”.

rentredi tenant screening step 5

5. Review the applicant’s name and email, and then click “Confirm.” The tenant will be notified via text and a push notification in their RentRedi app!

image shows the mobile device with RentRedi Tenant App Home Screen

Feel Confident Handing Over The Keys To Your Property

  • Full Credit Report
  • Tenant Criminal Report
  • Tenant Eviction Report
  • Certified By TransUnion
  • Credit-Based Resident Score

Did You Know? The Average Eviction Costs $3,500.
Protect Yourself By Using Tenant Screening.

How It Works For Tenants

Background reports are soft inquiries and affordable for tenants. They can easily submit screening in the RentRedi app, for a low cost of $39.99.

  • 1 If your landlord has requested a tenant screening, you will see a pending tenant request. Click ” Yes, let’s do this!”
  • 2 Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click “Agree”.
  • 3 Next, verify your identity by answering three questions. Click “Submit” after each question.
  • 4 Fill out your payment information and click “Pay $39.99” to submit your payment for the background check.
  • 5 Electronically sign the document by using your finger to draw your signature. Then, click “Accept”.
  • 6 Preview your application and then click “Send” to submit it!

Easy-to-Read Background Checks To Find Excellent Tenants

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