Manage Your Properties All In One Place | Video

Dawid pities the fool that doesn’t use RentRedi’s property management app! Learn why Dawid loves RentRedi & why you will too!

Manage Your Properties All In One Place!

As Dawid mentioned in the video, use RentRedi to manage all your rental properties with one tech tool. And Dawid isn’t alone in his love of RentRedi.

RentRedi provides over 18,000+ landlords with web and mobile apps that make managing your rentals easy and seamless. Collect your payments with online rent collection, find & screen tenants, list units, sign leases, and handle maintenance repairs & accounting simply and effortlessly. As a bonus, RentRedi’s software also comes with unlimited properties, tenants, and teammates—all included.

With property management software, you can get back the time you love by streamlining how you manage your rentals. Whether you manage units yourself or with a property manager, RentRedi’s apps can make your life easier and stress-free knowing that your business can operate without a hitch when it comes to the day-to-day tasks.

This is because RentRedi automates many facets of your business that would normally be handled manually. For example, you get automatic rent reminders, auto-late fees, automatic tenant screening, and tenants can even set up auto-pay!