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We know maintenance is a hassle—for landlords and tenants.

When you’re a landlord who manages a handful (or two) of properties, it can be difficult to stay on top of repairs. This can be exacerbated when you manage properties out-of-state. Who do you call for emergencies? What do you do if your tenant reports an issue and you can’t be on-site to see it? How do you know the maintenance tech you called is good?

These are all questions you might have, depending on what stage of being a landlord you’re at and where you manage your rentals.

That’s why RentRedi has partnered with Latchel, a premier premium maintenance company that’s dedicated to streamlining the maintenance management process for landlords and tenants.

What is Latchel?

Latchel is premium maintenance that acts as the go-between for your tenants and maintenance professionals. When a tenant reports a maintenance issue, Latchel dispatchers answer the phones 24/7 to field the call, troubleshoot & diagnose the issue, and schedule a repair session if necessary.

Latchel covers emergency and regular maintenance issues, depending on your preferred subscription. This means that no matter when or what repair issue the tenant encounters, they’ll be able to get an expert on the phone—whether you’re on vacation or in the office. 

How does Latchel work with RentRedi?

RentRedi’s partnership with Latchel means landlords can manage their premium maintenance plans directly from their RentRedi dashboard.

When Latchel is enabled, maintenance requests will be directed to Latchel, and you’ll be able to see a bird’s eye view of the status of the repair so you’re always in the know—without having to be on the phone.

Insert image for Latchel reviews: Bird's eye view of Latchel maintenance request status and diagnosing system.

I manage maintenance myself but I want Latchel to take calls—is this possible? 

Absolutely! After you sign up for Latchel, you can email their support team to set yourself up as the preferred maintenance vendor so Latchel will call you for repairs—after handling all the troubleshooting, diagnosing, and scheduling with your tenant.

Do other landlords use Latchel?

Yes, they sure do! There are over 2000 landlords and 65,000 units using Latchel’s services. (Check out a few Latchel reviews from RentRedi landlords below!)

As a bonus, tenants with Latchel-enabled properties are happy too! Latchel averages a 4.7 out of 5-star rating for renter satisfaction!

Latchel Reviews

What do I like best about RentRedi’s premium maintenance? The fact that I don’t have to respond to emergencies!

– RentRedi Landlord

The NUMBER ONE issue holding me back in real estate ownership and property management is maintenance. I’ve been saying for years “If I could figure out a way to automate the reactive portion (maintenance calls) then I’d be so much happier in life! Latchel does this, and I’m very excited to try it out on my properties!!

– RentRedi Landlord

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