Why Everyone Is Raving About RentRedi

What makes RentRedi so amazing?

Did you know that there are 20 million small landlords in the US and most of them are still using spreadsheets to manage their business? Whether you’re trying to turn a unit or collect rent it’s never an easy job to be a landlord. RentRedi’s mission is to make renting easy and we’re building the best landlord-tenant software to do just that.

We provide an all-in-one dashboard that enables landlords to list properties, prequalify and screen potential tenants, collect and automatically track rent, receive mobile rent payments, communicate with tenants, and manage maintenance with video. We partner with platforms including TransUnion, Realtor.com, Zillow, and TSYS to create the best experience possible. 

Here’s what real people are saying:

“Very happy with RentRedi. Great product with very helpful customer service and they always seem to be adding new features.” – Phil S. Bend, OR

“I’ve been using RentRedi since October 2018 and they’ve been awesome. They are always super quick to respond to any questions and are very helpful in general, making sure you have everything you need to make your job easier. Communication with tenants, rent reminders, maintenance requests have all been seamless. Worth the cost for sure. I don’t have much experience with other platforms but I can assure you RentRedi sets the bar pretty high.” – Jake D. St. Louis, MO

“I am using RentRedi property management for my two single-family rentals. RentRedi works very well for me. I like the pre-qualification and application process, as well as the reasonably-priced, tenant-paid background checks. I got two great tenants! Both tenants have already used the maintenance feature successfully, and the rent payment works well too. The RentRedi customer service response is good. I recommend RentRedi.”  –Mitch J. Cartersville, GA

“I have been using RentRedi since December 2018. They are GREAT. They have always helped me quickly and have amazing and patient customer service. Their program is simple to understand for the most part. I HIGHLY recommend them.” – Derek S. Hillsboro, TX

rentredi landlord-tenant app image: picture of video maintenance feature on rentredi

“I think Rentredi is awesome. I have been using them for several months, and they are very responsive and easy to work with. Once you set the tenants up in the system, it works great. There are a couple of things I like about them, and one of my favorite things is that it allows me to control if I accept partial payments or not.” – Damien H. Atlanta, GA

“RentRedi checked all the boxes for me. They made this first-time property novice show up as a complete professional management service. I can list my properties, receive pre-qualification applications, review full applications and access background checks with ease, schedule showings and send approval emails, set up my rentals and collect rent electronically, handle maintenance and so much more all through the RentRedi app. 

RentRedi does not take the human interaction aspect out of your [interactions with tenants] but it gives you that buffer and makes it easier, organized, consistent, repeatable, and professional. And the support staff at RentRedi was there to answer any questions and help me set up. And once you’re all set, it runs itself. My tenants like the app as well!

Just a happy customer.” – Jacqueline P. Maybrook, NY

Manage Your Rentals

Managing rentals doesn’t have to be so hard anymore—we’ve built an amazing app that has everything you need to manage your rentals, all in one place. RentRedi costs as little as $12/mo to landlords. This includes unlimited tenants, units, and team members. You can collect rent, list properties, manage maintenance requests, and add as many units and tenants as you want, with no additional cost. Ready to give us a try? Sign up here and see what everyone’s raving about.