RentRedi vs Hemlane: Who is Best for Property Management Software? 

Welcome back to another competitor comparison featuring RentRedi vs Hemlane!

Whether you’re a new or expert landlord, self-managing or hands-off, chances are that you have snooped around the internet (who among us) for the best property management software for landlords.

And if you Google it, thousands of search results will pop up, and the little voice in the back of your head can start groaning at all the websites, research, review sites, and more that pop up.

Do I have to compare ALL OF THESE to figure out which one will work best for me and my rental business?“, you silently scream to yourself. 

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And the answer, my friend, is no. 

Because we’re here to take the best of the best property management software for landlords and lay all the features and pricing out next to each other so you can easily compare them.

If you’re invested in figuring out the perfect landlord-tenant software for your business, we’ve jotted out the key features for RentRedi vs Hemlane, so you can see how the online property management software compares next to each other. 

RentRedi vs Hemlane: Who is Best for Property Management Software?

Mobile Rent PaymentsYes, only $1 ACH fee Yes
Cash rent paymentsYesNot listed
Add Manual PaymentsYesYes
Block payments directlyYesNot Listed
Flexible Auto-Late FeesYesYes
Payments & Charges DashboardYesYes
Built-in ApplicationYes, free for tenants.Yes
Built-in PrescreeningYes, 10 simple questions to see if tenants qualify for your unit. One-click accept or reject!Yes
Tenant ScreeningYes, TransUnion-certified.

No cost to you, tenant-paid. You get a full credit, criminal, and eviction history report.
Maintenance request managementYesYes
Videos of Maintenance IssuesYesYes
Option to outsource premium maintenanceYesYes
E-Lease SigningYes, free of chargeYes, offered through the Essential + Complete Package
In-app notifications to tenantsYes, custom notifications to tenants regarding any important updates or informationNo
Reminder communication to tenantsYes, send rent reminders directly to tenants’ phones!Yes
Document Storage & SharingYesYes
Google Calendar SyncYesNo
Task ManagementYesYes
Free Teammate/Maintenance AccountsYesYes
Custom Reports & ExportsYesYes
Rental Property AccountingYesNo
ListingsYes, and ZillowYes, free & premium listings  to 7 exclusive websites is $89 for 30 days
Marketing PageYes, unlimited and free to share on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, your website, social media, and more!Yes
Flexible payment optionsCash, Bank, Card.
Landlords can choose which ones to accept.
Card or ACH only
Credit boost for tenantsYesNo
Recurring Rent RemindersYes, tenants can set up their own in-app rent remindersYes
Auto-Pay for TenantsYesYes
Renters Insurance for TenantsYes, affordable insurance plans for all your rentersNo
Insurance tracking for landlordsYesNo
Live Customer SupportYesYes
Free teammate accountsYesYes
Unlimited free payment accountsYesYes
App available for landlordsYesYes
App available for tenantsYesNo
Unlimited UnitsYes, all plans included unlimited units and NO minimumsUsers can add unlimited units as prices is based on units
PricingRentRedi’s annual plan is only $12/mo with access to all featuresHemlane’s basic plan starts at $30/mo. Essential plan is $40/mo. Complete is $60/mo.

RentRedi vs Hemlane — Who Came Out on Top?

Let’s face it, when it comes to crunching numbers & trying to determine how to more quickly cashflow a rental property, you want a quality rental property management platform at a reasonable price that doesn’t eat into any potential revenue.

And we’re here for you.

That’s why, although there is a lot of value in both RentRedi vs Hemlane as property management software for landlords, we really see RentRedi as an excellent value. You get all the same features for less than half the cost as Hemlane when you sign up for RentRedi’s annual plan.

I mean, $12/mo for RentRedi & all the amazing features included? That’s less than the cost of lunch! (And you don’t even need gas to go get it—RentRedi is available on mobile and web apps so you can manage your properties right where you sit!) 

OF COURSE, we are a little biased because we love helping landlords & think RentRedi is 5-stars. (I mean…so do a lot of landlords, to be fair!)

You can see why RentRedi is the best property management software for landlords!