5 Signs Your Rental Property Needs an Immediate Sewer Inspection

Let’s cut to the chase—your rental might be harboring some dirty secrets underground, and we’re not talking about buried treasure. If your property’s behavior has been more suspect than usual, it’s high time to talk to the sewers. Getting clued up on these five red flags can save you from an epic utility meltdown—and trust us, that’s one sequel no landlord or property manager wants. 

While in some instances, the city is in charge of fixing sewer lines (like in Los Angeles County), the owner of the property is usually the person who needs to fork over money for repairs.

Read on and get ready to play detective with your plumbing before the plot thickens any further.

5 Signs Your Rental Property Needs a Quick Sewer Inspection

Is your rental behaving strangely? Keep a close eye—here are five red flags that scream, “Get a sewer inspection, pronto!” before small issues turn into wallet-gobbling nightmares.

1. Backed-Up Toilet or Drain Pipe

When a toilet rebels and starts behaving more like a fountain, or the kitchen sink says “nope” to letting water down the drain, these are neon signs that your rental’s plumbing’s got drama. But don’t just arm yourself with a plunger and hope for the best because it may not solve the issue. 

What if it’s something dangerous, like a cracked sewer line, that’s causing the problem? Get an expert to peek into those pipes—stat! And, if it comes to replacing parts of your subterranean maze, trenchless sewer line replacement is the best move because it’s much cleaner!

2. The Property Smells Like a Sewer

If you’re getting a whiff of something that smells suspiciously like the all-you-can-eat buffet from last week, and it’s wafting around your property, your nose might be onto something. Usually, that’s Mother Nature’s hint pointing to some unsavory business happening underground. 

Not exactly the fragrance you want lingering at your Sunday BBQ. So when tenants start questioning whether they’ve moved into a rental or right above medieval catacombs, it’s probably high time for a full-on sewer inspection to nose out the problem (pun intended).

3. Persistent Sogginess in the Lawn

Ever had a soggy sandwich? Unpleasant, right? Well, soggy lawns are just as disagreeable and often a telltale heartthrob of underlying sewer woes. A perpetually damp lawn when it’s not monsoon season is akin to your property waving a giant red flag while screaming, “Danger!” 

It’s Mother Nature’s sly way of saying that things below the turf aren’t hunky-dory. We’re talking about potential busted pipes or sneaky leaks making themselves at home under your green carpet. Now is the prime time to get those sewers inspected.

4. Overrun by Pests, Insects, and Rodents

Picture the scene: Ants on a sugar mission, roaches partying like it’s 1999, and rodents treating your property’s nooks and crannies like a hotel. It’s not an excerpt from ‘A Bug’s Life,’ but it might very well be Joe Tenant narrating his latest encounter with pests in your rental unit. 

These uninvited squatters often roll out the red carpet when there are sewer line issues afoot—think of it as the critter equivalent of hitting the jackpot. Rather than settling for cohabitation, pursue a sewer inspection to slam the door shut on these tiny trespassers.

5. Mystery Leaks or Wet Spots

Ever feel like you’re living out an episode of ‘Stranger Things’ in your own rental property because random leaks and wet spots keep popping up? You could try blaming the Upside Down, but your tenants might not buy it. So, it’s best to check out what else is going on.

But it’s likely a clear signal that you’ve got some covert operations going on with your sewer lines. We’re talking about leaks that defy explanation. Before these mystery patches start staging a takeover, dive into detective mode and secure a sewer inspection right away.

In Conclusion…

You’ve been briefed on the hallmarks of sewer distress. Now, it’s go time! Unleashing that proactive spirit can make all the difference between minor fixes and a remake of ‘The Great Flood.’ Don’t sit on these warning signs; instead, let’s get those inspection gears turning. 

Remember, with the right attention to detail and a timely check-up, your rental property’s sewers won’t be upstaging any horror stories anytime soon. Grab that phone, schedule an inspection, and rest easy knowing you’re keeping your tenants happy and your property in tip-top shape.