How RentRedi is Changing the Property Management Game

Property management plays a critical role in the relationship between landlords and tenants. As a tenant, you want a landlord who is connected with you and the property, who takes pride in maintaining the health and condition of the property. As a landlord, you want an easy way to address the concerns of your tenants, to know your property is being treated properly, and, of course, the rent paid on time. If both tenants and landlords are collaborative, responsive, and proactive to any concerns or issues about the property, everyone’s life becomes easier.

So, how does a property management software like RentRedi ensure that the relationship between landlords and tenants is collaborative, responsive, and proactive? With an innovative video request feature!

Estate and Property Management with a 5-Second Video

For tenants, RentRedi’s mobile app allows them to prequalify for apartments, pay rent, and…submit maintenance requests via a 5-second video! This video enables tenants to show landlords exactly what the problem is. 

we have a little problem here... gif
“We have a little problem here…”

In addition to the video, tenants also fill out a request that tells the landlord: what category the request falls under (appliance, electricity, heat/AC, property, security, sidewalk/parking, water, and other) and a description of the problem. Once landlords receive the request and 5-second video, they can then determine what steps need to be taken to resolve the issue. On their dashboard, they can also add the priority of the request (low, medium, high), labor cost, material cost, and status of request (out to bid, in progress, scheduled, complete, and rejected).

property management dashboard

If the issue requires maintenance, RentRedi allows landlords to add unlimited teammates, so maintenance personnel can be added to the platform and assigned the requests directly. After the issue has been resolved, landlords or teammates can mark the issue as resolved and the tenant will be notified that their request has been completed.

Learn more about our video maintenance feature and property management dashboard by watching our Review and Update a Maintenance Request video!

Changing the Game in Property Management Software

RentRedi has created a community of dedicated landlords who love how easy property management and staying connected to their tenants are now:

I am using RentRedi property management for my two single-family rentals. RentRedi works very well for me. I received immediate, good responses to my marketing [and] I got two great tenants! Both tenants have already used the maintenance feature successfully, and the rent payment works well too. – Mitch J.

I can list my properties, receive pre-qualification applications, review full applications and access background checks with ease, schedule showings and send approval emails, set up my rentals and collect rent electronically, handle maintenance and so much more all through the RentRedi app. And the support staff at RentRedi was there to answer any questions and help me set up. And once you’re all set, it runs itself. My tenants like the app as well! Just a happy customer. – Jacqueline P.

I’ve been using RentRedi since October 2018 and they’ve been awesome. They are always super quick to respond to any questions and are very helpful in general, making sure you have everything you need to make your job easier. Communication with tenants, rent reminders, maintenance requests have all been seamless. Worth the cost for sure. I don’t have much experience with other platforms but I can assure you RentRedi sets the bar pretty high.  – Jake D.

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