Online Rent Payments with Tenant Web Portal

EXCITING NEWS!!!! When it comes to collecting rent online, you want to give your tenants options of how to pay. Now, with RentRedi, your tenants can submit online rent payments via a tenant web portal or through their mobile app!

Online Rent Payments with RentRedi’s Tenant Portal

Now, with RentRedi, your tenants can pay rent online and with a mobile app. Check out how it’s done below!

  1. From, log in or create an account
  2. Click the “Payments” tab
  3. Click “Add new payment method” and then click “Add New”
  4. Enter and save your payment information
  5. Click the “Payments Due” tab, select the charge you would like to pay, and click “Pay Now”
  6. Confirm and click “Make Payment”

How to Download Mobile App for Rent Payments

  1. Download the App: Get it on Google Play or Download from the App Store
  2. Create an account
  3. In the RentRedi app, tap “Rent”
  4. Select the charge you would like to pay
  5. Select a payment method (Note: paying with a bank account is only $1 – check out How to Pay Rent with Bank Account!)
  6. Submit payment using your preferred payment method!

Sign Up for RentRedi

If you’re not a RentRedi landlord yet and want to learn more about how to collect online rent payments? (Plus, list units, sign leases, manage maintenance, and more!) Sign up to learn more, watch a demo, or chat into our customer support using the blue chat button on the bottom righthand corner of your screen!

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  1. Hello, I’m the Office Admin for Saxton Real Estate in Grove City, OH. Our owner, John Saxton, would like to have a conference call to learn more and discuss your product, preferably Wednesday morning around 9am EST. Can someone please reach out to us and schedule something? Thank you!
    Carla Rider, Office Admin
    Saxton Real Estate

    1. Hi Carla! Thanks for reaching out. Appointments can be scheduled by messaging into the blue chat button on our website! (It will be in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.)

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