RentRedi Accounting Integration Provides Seamless Property Management for Real Estate Investors

RentRedi accounting integration to provide real estate investors with property management and accounting software specifically designed for rental property owners.

NEW YORK, NY October 29, 2021 ( – RentRedi, the property management tech startup, today announced its integration with REI Hub, providing accounting software specifically designed for rental property owners and real estate investors. 

Unlike other double-entry accounting software, REI Hub comes pre-configured for real estate with easy property-by-property reporting and an investor-focused, editable chart of accounts.

RentRedi Accounting Integration

RentRedi customers can now add rental property accounting services to their subscription. Connecting their RentRedi properties with accounting features means that landlords and real estate investors can automatically import and classify transactions from bank accounts and credit cards, use templates & rule-based transaction matching to finish bookkeeping faster, and get real-time performance insights on their portfolio.

RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone says that this recent integration with REI Hub further strengthens RentRedi’s property management app with the features landlords need to streamline their rental management businesses to increase efficiency:

“Having accounting capabilities for RentRedi is a big deal to our customers. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with accounting software because REI Hub has built a great product. With RentRedi’s rent collection features linked to REI Hub’s accounting features, landlords can finally have a game-changing accounting process. The accounting process is just much better and more specific to rental property owners. Now, they’re able to manage everything—truly everything—from one platform.” 

Bookkeeping is a necessary but often difficult task for landlords. Accurate records are required for both tax filings and portfolio analysis. Most landlords are unfamiliar with accounting standards, however, and find themselves frustrated by incomplete records or time-consuming processes.

“Partnering with RentRedi allows us to automate and simplify even more bookkeeping tasks,” says Jon Carrier, Co-Founder of REI Hub. “From setting up a portfolio with just a click to automatically recording rent as it’s received, landlords can complete their books with confidence in record time.”

RentRedi began tackling the obstacles of the renting experience when it was founded in 2016, after CEO Ryan Barone started building a rental application app that enabled tenants & landlords to mitigate the hassle of sending applications & paperwork back and forth.

Since then, the company has expanded their product offering to include landlord web and mobile companion apps and a tenant app.

For landlords, RentRedi empowers them to collect rent, market & list units, screen tenants, sign & store leases, and manage maintenance work orders. For tenants, RentRedi’s mobile app enables them to pay rent, get affordable renter’s insurance, and even improve their credit score by reporting their on-time rent payments.

About RentRedi

RentRedi is property management software that empowers landlords to manage properties themselves, making stress-free renting affordable and accessible to everyone.

For landlords, RentRedi provides an all-in-one dashboard that enables them to collect mobile rent payments, list properties, prequalify and screen tenants, electronically sign leases, export property-related reports, send in-app notifications to tenants, report on-time rent payments, and manage maintenance with video. RentRedi has partnered with platforms including REI Hub, and Zillow, Latchel, TransUnion, Plaid, and TSYS to create the best experience possible. 

For tenants, RentRedi’s mobile app allows them to pay rent, set up auto-pay, submit maintenance requests, and report rent payments to credit bureaus—all from the palm of their hand. For more information visit

About REI Hub

REI Hub makes fully-featured accounting software designed to make rental property owners more efficient.

They provide a property-based, double-entry accounting framework and five-star customer support so that investors and property owners can feel comfortable with their bookkeeping at any accounting experience level. For more information visit